[governance] ICANN - Request for Proposals for Independent Evaluator for GNSO Review

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Sun Dec 18 07:06:47 EST 2005


At 00:06 18-12-05  -0500, Joe Baptista wrote:
>Your solution to internet governance is found here:

Actually my solution to the IG could be found, indeed. But not where 
you think. Try searching at www.isoc.bg/ig/ , that may give you a 
better understanding of how Bulgaria solved the issue with the IP 
addresses and DNS.
But there are several other things, too - you must try to understand 
you've been wrong; try not to insult all the people on this list (I 
don't care about your insults towards me - I am a publicly known 
person, and I am used to such groundless attacks); perhaps you could 
try to accept that when you say something "doesn't exist", it doesn't 
mean it's a fact, but just a statement.

I don't quite follow you here - you say this list is a waste of time, 
like the people who are subscribed for it. So, from your tone one can 
understand that you consider yourself as part of this "small 
minority" of people who are not waste in the list, and we should be 
actually thankful that you, with all your knowledge about such 
wastes, spend your valuable time to bring knowledge to the masses. 
Good that we have quite a number of people on this list, who are 
actually doing something, and thus not only philosophically 
discussing topics, but actually contributing in the positive, wsis-driven way.

I am quite satisfied we've started this small discussion, so that you 
could share your ideas about me and the rest of the list-members publicly.


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