[governance] ICANN - Request for Proposals for Independent Evaluator for GNSO Review

Joe Baptista baptista at cynikal.net
Sun Dec 18 00:06:36 EST 2005

On Sat, 17 Dec 2005, Veni Markovski wrote:

> Joe,
> Thank you for your passionate, yet quite off-topic letter.
> The discusssion here is not about me, but about the evaluator. The
> mailing list is called "governance caucus", not "joe & veni", or "danny &
> veni".
> If you want me to respond, please - get back to the topic. Otherwise, I
> am quite happy to make sure all of the participants here see that you
> also don't have a solution to the problem we've been discussin, but
> rather want to make noise about it.

Solution?  I solved the problem over a year ago.  www.public-root.com,
www.unifiedroot.com, and www.inaic.com.  We now have over 10 million
users, 3000 top level domain holders, and one of the most embarrassing
court cases coming up in amsterdam - real soon.  Its an international
disaster.  But an excellent solution.

Your solution to internet governance is found here:


Familiarize yourself with the mathimatics.  Because my dear boy the
solution is simple - all control points on the internet share the same
compostion when it comes to co-operation - i.e. that 1 + 1 is always = 1.
Not 2 as is the case in your universe.

Once you understand the nature of the math you'll see the simplicity in my

And it worked very well.  It sold the national government of turkey -
although these days they are shying away from saying anything about it,
the person appointed by government to lock in the public-root has
disappeared.  But we have ISPs and mobile operators still knocking down
our door.

Venture capitalists are pissing euros on us.  Meanwhile the whole
organization is disfunctional, one arm has robbed the other, directors
have been treated to turn over public control to private interests.

Simple human greed.  You see that icann too.  Luckly the public-root is
salvagable.  ICANN however is not.  It would take alot of changes at icann
to beat the whooping the public-root did to the governace wsis process and
icann in general.

> By the way, I am not sure what you meant about the list you are allowed
> to write, but here are your words, quoted and bold: "Look Veni - the list
> is a waste of time - much like most of the people who participate on it."

This list "governance - wsis" and all the other wsis lists and the wsis in
particular - have always and will always continue to be a complete waste
of time.

As for the people - they mean well - and i'm sure once they figure out how
to take over internet governace via the publicroot they may actually have
some power - but for now they are well meaning loafers who fly around
doing nothing of significance except create paper and expense.

Internet governance has been the biggest joke in Internet history.  That
beast does not exist.  The existing system is based on a monopoly of
ignorance.  Administrators - the majority simply do not know that a fast
edit job could easily transport them out of the icann root and into
another root system.

Now mind you this monopoly of ignorance was originally used to sell the US
government (clinton administration) that the USofA had a monopoly on
internet control.  This of course is bogus nonsense.  Internet control if
in the hands of the IANA root operators who mostly have no contract with
the USG or ICANN.

Once you break the monopoly of ignorance - icann begomes useless like it
happened in turkey.

joe baptista
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