[governance] Fwd: Commentary submitted to ICANN Board

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Sat Dec 17 19:12:03 EST 2005

Very well, Danny.

Now at least I know what to do with your emails.

Have a nice evening, and next time when you start an argument, or put 
a problem, or an issue, don't forget that the Internet is a 
multi-cultural phenomenon, although it's being born in the USA. When 
one insults people, they will not always respond with an insult.


At 16:02 17-12-05  -0800, Danny Younger wrote:
>and do you think that it's fair that a proposal
>submitted to the Board for consideration should have
>lain dormant for the last ten months without any
>discussion or interaction while the root problem
>continues unresolved?  I'm getting a little bit sick
>of Board members refusing to deal with this issue
>At least I came up with a proposed solution... what
>have you and the Board come up with so far?  Spare me
>your cries of righteous indignation and start working
>on a better answer to the representational issue than
>the non-representation that is currently on the plate.
>--- Veni Markovski <veni at veni.com> wrote:
> > Danny,
> > I find this quite inappropriate!
> > You quote a private message to you only in a public

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