[governance] Fwd: Commentary submitted to ICANN Board

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Sat Dec 17 18:44:47 EST 2005

I find this quite inappropriate!
You quote a private message to you only in a public mailing list?!
I always thought that the communication requires that both parties do 
the communication in the same format. If you wanted to be fair, then 
you should have send your doc file to the governance caucus, and not 
only our follow exchange. And, I would have responded you accordingly.

By doing this, you basically behave exactly like the type of people I 
was referring to in one of my previous mails. People, who take things 
for granted, and believe that the world should behave the way they 
do, not the other way around. I don't know if other people find this 
normal, or I am the only one who is so sensitive, but in any case, I 
don't quite like it and I think it's not right. If I am wrong - let me know.


At 15:39 17-12-05  -0800, Danny Younger wrote:
>Thank you for taking the time to review the document.
>In brief:
>1.We know that Supporting Organizations can elect
>Board directors (that's how Mike Palage got onto the
>2.  Supporting Organizations consist of distinct
>groups (in the GNSO those groups are the
>3.  A Supporting Organization can be created for the
>At-Large (the ALSO)
>4.  The ALSO can consist of distinct groups (the
>certified At-Large Structures and/or any new
>structures recommended by the Board -- perhaps a
>General Assembly for individuals)
>5.  The distinct groups of the ALSO can elect Board
>6.  Half of the ICANN Board is populated by At-Large
>directors (as per the original ICANN vision)
>--- Veni Markovski <veni at veni.com> wrote:
> > Thank you, Danny.
> >
> > I went through your paper, but either I am not good
> > enough in
> > reading, or I can't understand it - what's the exact
> > solution?
> > I mean, I am asking also with my experience from the
> > first elections,
> > when I was charing the MITF for Eastern Europe, and
> > have some
> > experience from this attempt for elections.
> >
> > veni
> >
> >
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