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Dear Ralf,

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            Internet Governance Forum Establishment

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) IN
Tunis resulted in the decision to establish an
Internet Governance Forum.ect

Question:  How can the structure of the IG   Forum
appropriately involve various stakeholders, covering a
wide range of issues?

Firstly the IG Forum has to involve various
stakeholders and it has to cover a wide range of
issues. The   necessary infrastructures   inevitably
requires involvement  of resource providers including
experts in energy, educators, technical trainers,
construction and design experts, and knowledge
providers in alternative energy.

Consultation with the stakeholders should include the
civil society and consideration of cultural diversity,
education level, environmental/climatic factors, the
government leadership characteristics, economic
diversity, foreign investment opportunities,
partnership, operation regulations factors, the
relevancy and indigenous community priority needs.

Special consideration on the IG is vital .In the first
place, internet is a strange idea in the remote rural
areas. In Kenya, less than 50% of the 32 millions
people has access to radio. The geographical factors,
insecurity, illiteracy, economic/social deprivation,
extreme poverty, and lack of civil society motivation
hinder internet development.

The Internet Governance is a good idea as it is
accurate and time saving. But the distribution of IG
in the Southern countries is only concentrated in the
greater urban zones.

The IG idea is good but brings   about other issues
including   fraud, theft, bank robbery, corruption. If
such issues can be controlled then IG should be

Promotion of investment in alternative energy,
including partnership in Wearable Technology for use
and application in the rural industrial development by
all means is inevitable.

Question: How can the Forum promote a bottom- up and
inclusive nature, while maintaining an efficient and
operational organization?

The governments in the South should ensure separation
of political leadership from community and economic
development. The government leadership operational
structure should establish secteral structures manned
by authentic experts in internet. Enhancement of
literacy for achievement of  ICT4All  even in the
rural areas, would bottom ┬ľup the IG.

Question: How can  complementarity between  all
stakeholders be increased?  

The inclusion of  youth people especially the school
dropouts, the women and children is crucial in this
aspect. The internet should be conducted as  free
business investment, outside the government
capitalization . Elimination of soft ware high prizes,
taxation, licensing strings, establishment of free
software avenues on duty free terms is useful.

For the purpose of complementation, it would be ideal
to enhance innovative ICT in agriculture, life skills
development, micro finance and any of the civil
society programs

It would also be useful to open up Rural Community ICT
Centers with the necessary infrastructures. And stream
lining of community groups for ICT involvement has to
be encouraged.

Question: How can various stakeholders be involved,
making the Forum representative of the global Internet

I wonder why only the MPs end the elite minority are
invited to attend and participate in the global 
Internet Forums. It is important to ensure civil
society streamlining and also include representatives
from all. 

People at the grass-root level can be inspired,
informed, and involved, to operate at higher level of
understanding, including intercultural/international
exchange programs IG Exhibitions, trade Fairs,
e-education, e-conferences and free training programs
for the poor would prompt wholesome involvement.

Question: What solution from other international
organizations/initiatives could be adapted for the

The MDGs G1,and G8 are  some of the norms useful in
this aspect. To-morrow the WTO and the government
leaders are meeting to discuss among others Economic
Development Partnership. It is a pity realizing the
partnership does not necessarily consider the rural
poor for Partnership for Economic Development

It is time civil society groups were established for
International Partnership especially for development
in ICT and distribution of  Free Software  Services. 

Local Government Authorities have to provide free land
for facilitation of IG Forums, everywhere.

Question:  How should the Forum and any supporting
bodies be structured   and organized? 

Through Partnership for IG Development, and efficiency
in supply of  the necessary resources without

Question: How can meaningful participation of
institutions and individuals from developing countries
in the Forum be facilitated?

Firstly able individuals should be encouraged to
partner with foreign investors for the development of
Internet Governance Development Forums especially in
establishment of training institutions. Both local and
international IG learning, and capacity building
should be enhanced. 

WSIS branches with supply of training materials could
be opened up worldwide for promotion of IG Forums.



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