[governance] Striking the right balance between private and public interests on the Internet

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> In that case, it seems that Djibouti Internet users are at the mercy of
> their monopoly telecom if they have only one international gateway.  This is
> a policy issue that WSIS should have addressed more clearly (allowing
> competition and removing anti-competitive regulations).

I do not see why WSIS should have engaged in private corporations
propaganda. CEOs want new markets, fine, but it is not up to a process
like the WSIS (which is supposed to take into account the public
interest) to support them.
> It is easy to do this cheaply and quickly via VSAT.

At the cost of national independance (unless you own the satellite).

> If the laws/regs in Djibouti only allow one international connection
> this is then the problem.

[Warning: I don't know the legal situation in Djibouti for telecoms
and I suspect it is the same thing for McTim.]

> If true, this is clearly the fault of Djibouti Telecom and the gov't
> of Djibouti for not provisioning a truly multihomed connection.

Because of the money available in this country, we can also suspect
that it was a business decision, not a regulatory one (multihoming is
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