[governance] Internet Governance : The way forward (Call of Paper)

Marouen MRAIHI mr.marouen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 20:45:10 EST 2005

 The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis resulted
in the decision to establish an Internet Governance Forum. The
decision taken by parties at the WSIS indicates WHAT the Forum should
do and WHO should be involved (multistakeholder approach). However, it
remains to be seen HOW the Forum will be organised. This conference
aims to provide an initial mapping, through addressing questions such


      How can the structure of the Forum appropriately involve various
stakeholders covering a wide range of issues?

      How can the Forum promote a bottom-up and inclusive nature,
while maintaining an efficient and operational organisation?

      How can various stakeholders be involved, making the Forum
representative of the global Internet community?

      How can complementarity between all stakeholders be increased?

      What solutions from other international
organisations/initiatives could be adapted for the Forum?

      How should the Forum and any supporting bodies be structured and

      How can meaningful participation of institutions and individuals
from developing countries in the Forum be facilitated?

Prominent players in the Internet Governance debate will also address
the following topics:


      Internet Governance Capacity Building

      Policy Lessons Learned from the WSIS Process (2002-2005)

      Implementation of the WSIS Conclusions on Internet Governance

      Multistakeholder Approach to Internet Governance

      International Cooperation and Internet Security

      Legal Challenges of Internet Governance

The conference will also include a presentation on the results of the
Internet Governance Research Project, which began in September 2005,
with the participation of 20 researchers. The following research
topics will be presented:


      IP Allocation and IPv6

      The Role of Civil Society from Developing Countries in Internet Governance

      The Protection of the Public Interest with regards to the Internet

      Alternative Economic Models for Interconnection Charges

The conference will mark the launch of the Internet Governance
Capacity Building Initiative, involving more than 15 institutions
involved in training and research activities in the field of Internet
Governance/Policy. The initiative participants will develop a plan of
action for 2006/2007.

For more information about the conference please contact Yasmeen Ariff
at yasmeen at diplomacy.edu.


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