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holder.  The Bali meetings starts with the MAG all invited which makes 30+ =
(I think!), way ahead already.  But I expect it will still be rather dull, =
the intent to allow governments to make statements as they usually do in UN=
 forums.  Exactly the kind of session we try to avoid in the IGF itself.  I=
 am not sure why people want to attend.=20

> I would really like to see governments have an interactive dialogue with
> one another at the IGF on internet policy issues. But high-level
> protocol is a powerful force, and not one that combines easily with
> interactive dialogue.

You have to get them there first before they can join the broader dialogue =
and that was the intention behind the ministerial/high-level meeting.  Work=
ed to a degree in Nairobi, not sure since.=20=20



> Anriette
> On 14/08/2013 12:58, Adam Peake wrote:
>> Parminder,=20
>> My understanding of the high-level meeting (I think labelled "ministeria=
l" in Nairobi) is the same as yours: intended a session in a format more fa=
miliar to high-level government representatives, get them and their staff t=
o attend and to hopefully stay on.  And I understand it worked in Nairobi, =
it was an effective carrot for both African govt and others to attend the I=
GF.  And I'm OK with that, a pre-meeting that is clearly separate from the =
IGF is fine whether it's bestbits, the host country's HLM or giganet (etc).=
  But it is problematic when the Baku high-level meeting produces a declara=
tion (however innocuous) that is then made available on the official IGF we=
bsite in the same space as the Chairman's Summary, the document that's trad=
itionally been to only official output of the IGF process <http://www.intgo=>.  Also a problem that the UN flag raising cere=
mony was listed as part of the Baku HLM agenda. Need to be more thoughtful =
in how these meetings are presented.=20=20
>> Anriette - another question for today's MAG call, could you ask why the =
Baku declaration is available on the IGF website, and why it's presented al=
ong side the Chairman's summary?  If it were on the host website only, then=
 much less of an issue.  This should be fixed for Bali.=20
>> Further complication this year is that sessions from the IGF proper will=
 be held on day "zero" (regional IGF session, etc.)  Pre-meetings begin to =
mix with sessions of the IGF.  Would be good to make a very clear demarcati=
on between what is IGF and what is not IGF (the HLM should not be.)=20=20
>> Adam
>> On Aug 14, 2013, at 1:09 PM, parminder wrote:
>>> in addition to the below issues, we still do not know what the form of =
the high level meeting is. Is it a real round table kind of forum where peo=
ple get an opportunity to wiegh in substantially or just a 'mix and make co=
nnections' thing which corporates types may still love to do but not many c=
ivil society kinds may to be too eager about.=20
>>> Also, is their any drafting process for the likely statement to come ou=
t of the HLM. That is crucial.
>>> And, the IGF or non IGF status of the meeting?=20
>>> I had asked for these clarifications on the IGC list from a civil socie=
ty member of the MAG, and await them.
>>> My understanding is that initially is was a kind of a 'formal thing wit=
hout real substance', which was to attract high level participation from go=
vernments, esp ministrial level. Kind of peoople who do not come over just =
to sit in the audience at the IGF. And when ministers come, their retinue o=
f senior officials also come along, and that was supposed to fill in a (rea=
lly) missing gap at the IG, especially in terms of governmental participati=
on from developing countires. I will be cautious to see this meeting take a=
 character and big role for itself, which could compromise the relatively p=
articipative nature of the IGF. Especially of concern is the declaration th=
at comes from this meeting, which at present is the only real 'consumable' =
doc coming out the IGF environment. So, maybe civil socity may want to thin=
k around these issues as well.=20
>>> parminder=20
>>> On Wednesday 14 August 2013 08:47 AM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
>>>> On 14/08/13 00:44, Norbert Bollow wrote:
>>>>> Jeremy Malcolm <jeremy at>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> How about setting up a joint NomCom by inviting members of all the
>>>>>>> various civil society organizations and networks to volunteer for
>>>>>>> the NomCom...
>>>>>> It is a very good plan for the future, but not something that could
>>>>>> be accomplished easily in two weeks.
>>>>> Where does that =93two weeks=94 timeline come from?
>>>> Actually you're quite right, I'm mixing up the deadline for the CSTD e=
nhanced cooperation questionnaire (which is in two weeks) with the (yet uns=
pecified, but Izumi is finding out) deadline for nominating panelists to th=
e High Level Meeting. So maybe we have longer, but surely not much longer.
>>>> Establishing (or re-establishing - we had one in WSIS) a high-level me=
chanism for civil society groups to jointly nominate candidates for positio=
ns is very important, I couldn't agree with you more.  But it's also ambiti=
>>>> Noting that thanks to your leadership the IGC has a workshop relevant =
to this topic planned for Bali ("MS selection processes: accountability and=
 transparency"), it would be better, I feel, to come up with a proposal and=
 present it at that workshop.  I wouldn't want to rush it on account of wha=
t is probably a minimally important pre-event in Bali.
>>>> However, if you disagree then by all means put your idea to the IGC th=
en I can put it to the Best Bits interim steering group and we can reach ou=
t to the other relevant groups and networks too.  If it were me though, I w=
ould rather wait.
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