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Subject: How a driver's ethnicity affects economic outcomes in
ride-sharing: new research
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Ratings system helps ethnic minorities overcome initial prejudice and close
the economic gap

New Research
*Does Ride-Sharing Discriminate?
Xavier Lambin and Emil Palikot*

The internet initially promised a place for robust exchange of ideas and
free of the prejudices of the physical world.  That, unfortunately, has not
turned out to be the case; new research shows that minorities who are
drivers on BlaBlaCar, the largest ride-sharing marketplace in Europe, have
less popular listings, sell fewer seats, and generate less revenue than
non-minorities. These findings add to a fast expanding body of empirical
evidence showing that prejudice manifests itself in disparate economic
outcomes for ethnic minorities on several major online marketplaces. This
new research brings, however, some good news: those effects diminish as
drivers receive reviews, which means that platforms and users have tools to
counter discrimination.
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