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I was at a meeting at the ILO earlier this month, and they asked to
circulate this position on relevant elists... parminder

The position will contribute to the research programme on innovation,
digital technologies and decent work. This area of research explores
changes in production processes, production structure, productivity and
wage growth, changes in job profile and skills needs, among others as a
result of innovations and digital technologies, and how it impacts
economic, social and labour market outcomes at both the micro and macro
level. It will also evaluate working conditions, the role of unions and
social dialogue, and employment legislations in the changing world of
work. The research programme will analyse the issues from a
multidisciplinary lens including gender perspective using mixed methods
approach with the aim of developing policy objectives to achieve more
equitable outcomes. The position requires a strong ability to
conceptualise, analyse using innovative methods and techniques and
convey the main findings of the work in a clear, succinct manner to a
non-technical audience. It also includes building external networks with
researchers, academic and policy-oriented institutions to engage them in
the department's work and contribute to developing research proposals.


You can access the job opening in the following link below:


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