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Thu Jan 10 00:58:13 EST 2019

Dear All

Wishing you a great 2019!

Just Net Coalition <https://justnetcoalition.org/> plans a meeting
between March 25th to 27th in Bangkok as a strategic get together of
groups interested in issues of equity and social justice in the digital
era. The plan is to shape and take forward a global digital justice
agenda, working together as a network. This is also meant to further
develop and strengthen the Just Net Coalition . The workshop is
titled*"Equity and Social Justice in a Digital World: An Inter Sectoral/
Movements Dialogue for a Digital Justice Agenda". *

Participants will come from (1) organisations that are already engaged
with digital issues and (2) traditional civil society groups that have
begun to feel the digital impact and pressure on their work, and would
like to understand the digital better, from a progressive point of view,
and collaborate in developing a global digital justice agenda. With a
digital justice agenda we mean working equally on civil and political
rights side as on social, economic and cultural rights. A datafied state
is a major threat, but so is data discrimination by the private sector
and a big corporation driven data economy that further concentrates
wealth and power, within and across societies. Social and economic
justice is a key part of this effort, which need to be brought to the
centre stage of digital activism. This is also attempt to built bridges
between digital activism in the geo-political South and North.

Participants will mainly be groups that are already engaged in or with
the Just Net Coalition in various ways. But we are eager to also include
groups and people that we may not yet be in contact or engaged with, but
who are eager to work on social and economic justice issues in a digital
context. Such a commitment should be central to such groups/ people's
work for them to fruitfully work with JNC and its various partners. 

This email is an outreach to such groups/ people who may want to engage
with us with regard to this initiative of Just Net Coalition, and
possibly work with us on these important issues. The accent is to work
primarily with organisations because the effort is to develop a strong
and sustainable civil society constituency in this area. However, we are
open to also dialogue with committed individuals with demonstrated work
in these areas.

As mentioned, this is a strategic get together, and invitation to the
meeting is selective, as per various mentioned criteria. But please do
not at all hesitate to ping us , ask questions or clarifications. We
need a lots of us to work together for social justice in the digital age.

We would normally expect any additional participant to be able to
self-fund, but in a few select cases we may  be able to offer funding

Since the meeting is not that far off, if you are going to write to us,
please do it asap.

Best regards


IT for Change <http://www.itforchange.net/>

ON behalf of Just Net Coalition <https://justnetcoalition.org/>’s

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