[bestbits] [governance] IMPORTANT : Merging IGC with Best Bits

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Wed Jan 9 01:16:45 EST 2019

Actually while this seemed to me the obvious way forward at first - BB 
emerged out of IGC, so why not get back together again - on reflection 
there are a few issues.

Firstly I note that the IGC website is down so I cant check things - but 
from memory IGC had a constitution which we adopted early on which 
proved very difficult to change, and which may not be altogether 
suitable for what is needed now. I think this should be looked at before 
everyone is locked into something that is unsuitable. Can someone get 
the website up and running?

But in any case, merging I think is necessary. At the very worst, if IGC 
proves to be a not completely suitable platform going forward, there is 
always the option to start something else to overcome the problems and 
get everyone to move on.

The key I think is to work together and to seek the simplest paths 
forward to do this.


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>Valid questions Carolina,
>If you didn't get a replies from members of the founding Bestbits 
>groups then the current membership are none affiliated individuals. 
>Therefore, Ian's proposal is the practical solution.
>On Wed, Jan 9, 2019, 06:19 Carolina Rossini <carolina.rossini at gmail.com 
>>While Ian’s idea is interesting, I wonder - Who is in the BB list and 
>>is not in the IGC list? Why is that the case? Are there 
>>barriers/conditions to entry? Are they high or low barriers?
>>As Ian also noticed, both lists were born from different/specific 
>>communities, principles, ways of work, diversity, etc.
>>Should the IGC’s principles and ways of work be laid out here, so they 
>>are handy for folks to review and give their opinion if this is the 
>>preferred way to move forward?
>>It would be interesting to hear specially from those non overlapping 
>>folks before moving forward. I feel it would also be relevant to some 
>>if the ICG founders commit to be open to potential new input and 
>>Maybe there is a deal to be striken here to ensure IGC is the correct 
>>I don’t want to complicate things, I just want to make sure all are 
>>heard and have the tools to express their preference.
>>Happy new year, everybody!
>>On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 9:29 PM Lee W McKnight <lmcknigh at syr.edu> 
>>>I support Ian's idea as well.
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>>>I support Ian's idea
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>>>On 1/8/2019 3:35 PM, ian.peter at ianpeter.com 
>>><mailto:ian.peter at ianpeter.com> wrote:
>>>>I support the idea of merging. BB served a useful purpose for a 
>>>>while but that time has past.
>>>>I suggest the easiest way to do this is for BB to decide to disband, 
>>>>and encourage any remaining members who are not already on the IGC 
>>>>mailing list to join up there.
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>>>>Best Bits
>>>>>A good idea as this is, can we get the genesis of how CS was split 
>>>>>into different groupings?
>>>>>On Tue, Jan 8, 2019, 8:31 PM Sheetal Kumar <sheetal at gp-digital.org 
>>>>>>Dear all,
>>>>>>(dropping IGC as this is just for Bestbits members) Firstly, happy 
>>>>>>new year! I am writing to follow up on the conversation with 
>>>>>>regards to a proposal to merge IGC and Bestbits, discussed by 
>>>>>>those who attended the call organised last December.
>>>>>>As noted earlier, the merger of the two groups was suggested as a 
>>>>>>way of avoiding duplication of work between groups, pooling 
>>>>>>resources and streamlining efforts so that they're more focused 
>>>>>>and coordinated - particularly around key forums and events.
>>>>>>It would be interesting to hear feedback on this idea, positive or 
>>>>>>otherwise. Otherwise, I suggest another call to decide next steps?
>>>>>>On Fri, 21 Dec 2018 at 02:46, ian.peter at ianpeter.com 
>>>>>><mailto:ian.peter at ianpeter.com> <ian.peter at ianpeter.com> wrote:
>>>>>>>Hi Arsene,
>>>>>>>Mergers are difficult and imagine that both sides are going to 
>>>>>>>have to change structurally so that they can work together. Both 
>>>>>>>organisations have working rules and practices, changing both 
>>>>>>>sets will be complex and I think unnecessary.
>>>>>>>My opinion is that, in this case, BB should just decide to fold - 
>>>>>>>and in doing so, encourage its members to join IGC if they are 
>>>>>>>not already involved.
>>>>>>>That's a lot simpler and leaves IGC intact and continuing as an 
>>>>>>>umbrella groups for civil society involvement in internet 
>>>>>>>(Best Bits copied in). Just suggesting this because I think it is 
>>>>>>>a lot easier.
>>>>>>>Ian Peter
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>>>>>>>>Milton, i think i tried to explain why i was suggesting that. 
>>>>>>>>Sorry if that was not clear. The reason is simple: we agreed to 
>>>>>>>>take time to discuss the merger issue within the two groups 
>>>>>>>>separately. So, if we Cc both lists that means to me we are not 
>>>>>>>>doing separately anymore. That’s my understanding and i may be 
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>>>>>>>>>On 20 Dec 2018, at 23:32, Mueller, Milton L <milton at gatech.edu> 
>>>>>>>>>Why segregate the discussions, Arsene?
>>>>>>>>>I don't understand that. It merely perpetuates the problem of a 
>>>>>>>>>fragmented and uncoordinated civil society!
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>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Re: [governance] IMPORTANT : Merging IGC with Best 
>>>>>>>>>>Farzaneh, all,
>>>>>>>>>>While we are still discussing and I do appreciate the 
>>>>>>>>>>discussion, may I please
>>>>>>>>>>suggest we keep discussions separate in each specific group?
>>>>>>>>>>As I said in my original email, the issue of a merger should 
>>>>>>>>>>be discussed
>>>>>>>>>>SEPARATELY at the IGC and Best Bits lists.
>>>>>>>>>>Each group needs to have an internal discussion.
>>>>>>>>>>So, please do not Cc both groups when communicating. Some 
>>>>>>>>>>members are
>>>>>>>>>>on both lists and have posting rights on both but others 
>>>>>>>>>>don't, this may lead
>>>>>>>>>>to having fragmented pieces of emails when everyone is 
>>>>>>>>>>Hope this makes sense.
>>>>>>>>>>2018-12-17 23:33 UTC+02:00, farzaneh badii 
>>>>>>>>>><farzaneh.badii at gmail.com>:
>>>>>>>>>>>Thanks Arsene.
>>>>>>>>>>>We need to decide on merging IGC and BestBits. The suggestion 
>>>>>>>>>>>from the fact that we have not been active much during the 
>>>>>>>>>>>past year.
>>>>>>>>>>>Also fragmented efforts are a strain on resources. Having 
>>>>>>>>>>>elections and multiple groups to coordinate (with really 
>>>>>>>>>>>differences) and then not be active at all for a year is not 
>>>>>>>>>>>De told us that apparently there is some kind of consensus 
>>>>>>>>>>>method if I
>>>>>>>>>>>am not mistaken. De, is there a documented approach?
>>>>>>>>>>>I think the most important is to discuss why BestBits was 
>>>>>>>>>>>created and
>>>>>>>>>>>whether the reasons still stand and how BestBits members feel 
>>>>>>>>>>>the merge. Maybe the ones with strong objections can be 
>>>>>>>>>>maybe not.
>>>>>>>>>>>Lets have the conversation. If we do not see a strong 
>>>>>>>>>>>(multiple organizations, individuals object and give reasons 
>>>>>>>>>>>as to why
>>>>>>>>>>>BestBits should remain even if dormant), then we can decide 
>>>>>>>>>>>on the
>>>>>>>>>>>merge. If there are strong objections, then we will not go 
>>>>>>>>>>>with the merge.
>>>>>>>>>>>From what I see from BestBits website, the following 
>>>>>>>>>>>individuals are
>>>>>>>>>>>at the steering committee of BestBits:
>>>>>>>>>>>- Nighat Dad
>>>>>>>>>>>- Poncelet Ileleji
>>>>>>>>>>>- Renata Ribeiro
>>>>>>>>>>>- Dave Burstein
>>>>>>>>>>>- Imran Ahmed Shah [second term of election]
>>>>>>>>>>>- Antonella Perini [co-opted by committee]
>>>>>>>>>>>Besbits CSCG Representatives
>>>>>>>>>>>- Claudio Lucena Neto (2018-2019)
>>>>>>>>>>>- Sheetal Kumar (2017-2018)
>>>>>>>>>>>Does this list still stand? Do the steering committee members 
>>>>>>>>>>>BestBits and the reps on CSCG would like to weigh in?
>>>>>>>>>>>I know Sheetal was on the call. Would be good to hear from 
>>>>>>>>>>>On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM Arsène Tungali
>>>>>>>>>>><governance at lists.riseup.net>
>>>>>>>>>>>>Hi everyone,
>>>>>>>>>>>>You have probably seen this already on a different thread 
>>>>>>>>>>>>but thought
>>>>>>>>>>>>it well to have this discussion solely on the IGC list (as I 
>>>>>>>>>>>>Best Bits to do the same), that's why i started this thread 
>>>>>>>>>>>>hoping to
>>>>>>>>>>>>hear from you on this important question.
>>>>>>>>>>>>This need for merging was raised by some IGC members during 
>>>>>>>>>>>>a civil
>>>>>>>>>>>>society call that had mostly IGC and Best Bits participants; 
>>>>>>>>>>>>many of
>>>>>>>>>>>>whom are both IGC and Best Bits (BB) members. The call 
>>>>>>>>>>>>happened last
>>>>>>>>>>>>week and Farzaneh offered to share the link to the 
>>>>>>>>>>>>I will not go into much details about the rationale but 
>>>>>>>>>>>>would welcome
>>>>>>>>>>>>anyone to weigh in and share their reasoning on whether or 
>>>>>>>>>>>>not we
>>>>>>>>>>>>should merge both lists. We will need to also answer the 
>>>>>>>>>>>>question on
>>>>>>>>>>>>how (who is doing what?) will this happen? Is the IGC going 
>>>>>>>>>>>>to become
>>>>>>>>>>>>BB or the latter becoming IGC? Or are we working towards a 
>>>>>>>>>>>>group where members of both groups will all be added?
>>>>>>>>>>>>This brings back to my memory the whole hassle we had to 
>>>>>>>>>>>>(SAVE?) this list and allow us to have this discussion list 
>>>>>>>>>>>>hasn't been quite active for a few months but where many 
>>>>>>>>>>>>feel safe to
>>>>>>>>>>>>share IG related updates). So i hope we discuss and take 
>>>>>>>>>>>>into account
>>>>>>>>>>>>the technical cost of the merging process (should it 
>>>>>>>>>>>>I am also not sure how we will gauge consensus about this 
>>>>>>>>>>>>question on
>>>>>>>>>>>>this list? Should we vote? How long do we take to decide? 
>>>>>>>>>>>>Should we
>>>>>>>>>>>>consult IGC 'founders' or former Co-coordinators separately 
>>>>>>>>>>>>and ask
>>>>>>>>>>>>them what they think?
>>>>>>>>>>>>During the call, Bruna and I offered to have a decision by
>>>>>>>>>>>>mid-January and we hope this is realistic given the holiday 
>>>>>>>>>>>>We will then report to the group.
>>>>>>>>>>>>I just wanted to throw this all here and would REALLY 
>>>>>>>>>>>>appreciate a
>>>>>>>>>>>>discussion that will help us move forward and come to a 
>>>>>>>>>>>>Best regards,
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