[bestbits] TIOF - TOR training at RightsCon.

Jean F. Quéralt JFQueralt at theiofoundation.org
Thu Apr 4 19:04:18 EDT 2019

Dear all,

During a session today at IFF with some TOR members I've proposed to
consider a training on TOR for Civil Society since RightsCon was in their

I'll probably meet them tomorrow and will raise this option again so I'd
like to know how many of you, tentatively, would be interested in this.

@Carolina & Nikki:
Should this move forward, would it be possible to arrange for a space?

@RiseUp: I am not familiar with your distribution list so I am not sure
this is the right channel to address this proposal. I have decided to give
it a try for considering that it's worth asking. Please advise if I should
have proceeded differently.

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