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Hi All, 

Perhaps a recent publication of mine, FABRICS: Emerging AI Readiness (https://vous.ai/FABRICS-Emerging-AI-Readiness-Comninos-Konzett-First-Edition-2018-LQ.pdf), which looks at algorithmic/systems transparency of AI and automated systems and the right to explanation may be of use.

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> On 01 Nov 2018, at 18:41, Yosem Companys <ycompanys at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Could you help me collect any and all info that may be available on the use of technology for good and evil? 
> I'm looking bibliographies, syllabi, media resources, and any other materials you may be aware of. 
> I'm looking for seminal and other readings, disciplinary or multidisciplinary readings, country-specific or cross-cultural readings.
> Below is a list of the topics that I have identified thus far. If I'm missing any others or you believe there's a better way of organizing them, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Yosem
> Accountability, Corruption, Openness, and Transparency (e.g., Open Data, Freedom of Information - FOI)
> Activism, Protests, and Movements (e.g., Occupy, Anonymous, Hacktivism)
> Agriculture, Farming, and Food Security (e.g., eAgri, Fishing, Mariculture, Aquaponics, Aquaculture)
> Censorship, Repression, and Freedom (e.g., Freedom of Expression - FoE, Free Speech, NetFreedom, Right to Information - RTI)
> Conflict, Disasters, and Resilience (e.g., Crisis Mapping, Robotics, Cyber Attacks/Defense, Cyber War, Harassment, Hate Crimes)
> Construction, Housing, and Real Estate (e.g., Smart Homes, Internet of Things)
> Democracy, Politics, Elections, and Voting (e.g., Netroots, Tea Party, eVoting)
> Development (e.g., Information and Communication Technologies for Development - ICT4D, Tech for Development - Tech4Dev, Global Development - GlobalDev)
> Economics (e.g., Participatory Economy, Peer-to-Peer Economy, Commons, Unemployment, Job Creation/Destruction, Consumer Rights)
> Education (e.g., Information and Communication Technologies for Education - ICT4E, Open Education, eLearning, MOOCs)
> Ethics (e.g., how the design and use values of technology determine whether they're used for good or evil)
> Energy and Power (e.g., Microgrids)
> Entrepreneurship (e.g., Social Entrepreneurship - socent, Social Innovation)
> Environment (e.g., Brownfields, Landfills, Superfund Sites, Climate Change, and Land, Water, and Air Preservation)
> Finance (e.g., Microfinance, FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Participatory Budgeting, Crowdfunding)
> Governance (e.g., eGovernance - eGov, Open Governance - OpenGov, Governance 2.0 - gov20, Internet Governance Forum, Civic Tech)
> Health (e.g., eHealth, mHealth, Telemedicine)
> Human rights
> Inequality & Bias (e.g., Digital Divide, Cost of Living, Discrimination, Harassment)
> Manufacturing (e.g., Additive Technologies, 3D Printing, Do-It-Yourself - DIY, Robotics, Open Innovation)
> Media (e.g., Journalism, Social Media)
> Organizing and Organizations (e.g., Nonprofits, Community-Based Organizations, Cooperatives, Labor Unions)
> Physical Spaces and Locations (e.g., Libraries, Coworking Spaces, Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, Fab Labs, Tool Sharing Libraries, Smart Cities, Mapping)
> Policy and Law (e.g., Policy Innovations, Legal Innovations)
> Privacy (e.g., Rules, Regulations, Laws, Frameworks)
> Security, Physical or Cyber (e.g., Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Sexual Harassment and/or Violence, Security by Design)
> Social Science (e.g., Impact of Technology on Society)
> Transportation and Supply Chain on Land, Water, and Air (e.g., Hyperloop, Autonomous Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drones, Smart Roads)
> Volunteering (e.g., Crowdsourcing, Participatory Mapping)
> Water Security (e.g., Watersheds, Water Purification)
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