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Dear all

With Plenipot kicking off and as an update to the email I sent last year
launching the ITU Info hub <https://www.gp-digital.org/event/itu-info-hub/>,
I wanted to highlight some of the new resources on the hub which can help
human rights defenders engage.

   - An ongoing blog series (*Regional Perspectives at the ITU*) which
   examines the ITU's regional groupings in depth, and offers informed
   guidance on their likely priorities for this Plenipot. So far, we've
   covered Europe (CEPT)
   and the Americas (CITEL)
   - Concise *Explainers* on the ITU's work on a range of key
   internet-related policy issues which are likely to come up at Plenipot:
   including cybersecurity
   , spectrum management
   , Digital Object Architecture
   <https://www.gp-digital.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/itu-doa2.pdf>, OTT
   and IoT
   - A blog series (*Spotlight on the ITU*) exploring different aspects of
   the ITU – from its history
   and broader position in the internet governance space, to the specific
   role and importance of Plenipot
   - An *interactive ITU calendar* <https://www.gp-digital.org/itu-events/>,
   highlighting the key events which are of relevance to human rights defenders

We hope this is useful and please do share any feedback.


On Tue, 10 Oct 2017 at 18:49, Sheetal Kumar <sheetal at gp-digital.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> In case of interest, GPD have just launched an *ITU info hub
> <https://www.gp-digital.org/event/itu-info-hub/>* – bringing together a
> wide range of materials, tools and other resources to support civil society
> engagement in the International Telecommunication Union which we'll be
> adding to between now and the next Plenipotentiary (Oct/Nov 2018).
> Link here: https://www.gp-digital.org/event/itu-info-hub/
> These resources include:
>    - A *blog series *setting out information about the ITU, how it works,
>    the issues being discussed and their impact on human rights, and how to
>    engage;
>    - A *calendar and forum map* highlighting key dates and events at (and
>    around) the ITU;
>    - A *series of ITU explainers*, which serve as accessible
>    introductions to some of the technical subjects that are being discussed at
>    the ITU; and
>    - *Useful links* to other relevant websites and information sources.
> We've also set up a dedicated ITU mailing list. Just email
> richard at gp-digital.org to be added using the subject line ‘ITU mailing
> list’, and we’ll add you. And also do feel free to get in touch with any
> other questions you might have about about our work with the ITU, or
> suggestions of events to add to the calendar.
> Best
> Sheetal.
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