[bestbits] PK's paper on due process in digital platforms

Gus Rossi gus at publicknowledge.org
Thu May 24 18:14:55 EDT 2018

Hi everyone!

We published today our new paper on due process and a blogpost that
outlines our approach about platform competition (expect more on that soon).

The paper argues that the principles of due process are a way to ensure
that individuals are treated fairly by large institutions -- whether they
are public or private. It delves into some of the practical and theoretical
justifications for due process protections, and recommends a robust set of
procedural protections adopted from leading legal scholars. It proposes a
way of determining "dominance" that is informed by the history of
communications law, and suggests that applying certain rules to all
platforms, and others only to dominant ones, is the best way to promote
competition and protect consumers.

I think it might be interesting for your work:



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