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Renata Avila renata.avila at webfoundation.org
Tue Jun 26 09:28:15 EDT 2018

Dear Internet Rights Community,

After almost five wonderful years with the Web Foundation and almost a
decade living in Europe, I am moving back to Latin America for a period of

I will be the Director of the Smart Citizen Foundation
<https://en.ciudadanointeligente.org/>, trying to renovate and innovate
strategies to build more and better democracies in the region and beyond. I
hope my new role will assist the "citizen participation", anti-corruption
and civic tech space to have a more critical view on technology, inclusion
and democracy.

Many of our topics will go to the core of my new role. For instance, I do
not like the new generation of strategies to connect the poor to an
inferior network, or the rush of industrialised countries to connect the
marginal, to capture their data before they even gain enough literacy to be
able to use the Internet in a constructive way. It is brutal. Sometimes I
feel the ethics in this space are akin to the ethics of pharmaceutical
companies performing drug trials on uninformed people who have no recourse
if things go wrong. As the next billion connects, part of my mission is
that they connect to a Web where their voices count.

Of course we need invigorated networks and a robust but decentralised set
of tools to communicate in our digital society. There is still a lot of
innovation to come, but the policies in place are only benefiting, to a
great extent, elites and emerging middle classes. I hope to shift it back
to the many. And place digital inequalities at the core of the discussions.

I want to thank you for all the lessons I learned from you, you opened my
eyes to new regions during the Web We Want campaign, we fought for the most
innovative rights frame four years ago with the fight for Marco Civil, we
achieved a lot as a community and now there are strong, female, south
leaderships everywhere. Not at the top, but getting there.

I will continue writing my Digital Colonialism book and I will share it
with the community once it is out.

My personal email address is

renata at digitalcolonialism.org

My new institutional address (for collaborations, partnerships, shake the
world with EU - LatAm, or Africa- Latam or Asia-Latam alliances) is
ravila at ciudadanointeligente.org

I will be based in Santiago, with frequent visits to Rio, our second
office. And operating in Latin America and beyond.

All my love and gratitude.


Renata Avila

*Senior Digital Rights Advisor*
renata.avila at webfoundation.org

*1110 Vermont Ave NW, Suite 500, Washington DC 20005, USA* *| *
*www.webfoundation.org* <http://www.webfoundation.org/>* | Twitter:
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