[bestbits] Launch of Travel Guide #5 to the Digital World: Data protection for human rights defenders

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Dear all,

*[with apologies for cross-posting]*

I am writing here to share, in case of interest, the fifth installment of
GPD's Travel Guides to the Digital World series.  Just as a travel guide
introduces tourists to the customs, language and geography of a foreign
land, the series aims to equip human rights defenders with the information
needed to navigate complex areas of internet-related policy from a human
rights perspective.

Previous guides in the series have focused on internet governance
digital surveillance
and encryption

The latest installment, the *Travel Guide to the Digital World: Data
protection for human rights defenders
offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the world of data
protection, explaining the history of personal data processing, the key
debates, why they relate to human rights, and where – and how – human
rights defenders can engage.

To accompany the guide, we'll also be publishing a series of short analyses
of draft data protection legislation. The first, on Kenya, is already out,
and do stay tuned for the rest! You can find it here

Please do feel free to share the guide with any colleagues, partners or
networks. We also strongly welcome your feedback so if you have any
thoughts or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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