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Nighat Dad nigidaad at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 02:29:54 EST 2018

Apologies for cross posting

Dear all,

I hope you're well, and are having a wonderful new year.

A month into the new year, and all of us at Digital Rights Foundation are
already buried in tons of work in countering issues pertaining to digital
rights in Pakistan and beyond. And as the supporters of the Digital Rights
Foundation, I believe that I have a responsibility to update you about our
activities so we could all move together in working for better digital
rights conditions in 2018.

My team compiled this very colourful and precise Year in Review 2017 report
to give you the summary of what all we did the past year. The report will
take you through multiple activities of DRF that includes the overview of
the Cyber Harassment Helpline's progress and the number of cases that it
has received, along with the stats on the people we reached through the
many events that we organised and attended.

The Year in Review also lists the reports that we have launched, and the
recommendations focusing on issues related to online gender based violence
and data protection and privacy to national and international bodies that
DRF submitted.

It gives me immense gratification to present the DRF Year in Review 2017:

It wouldn't have been possible without each one of you and your support.
The trust that you as our partners, stakeholders and well-wishers, have put
in us is irreplaceable, and on behalf of my whole team of DRF, I thank you
for believing in us and for always lifting us up. We know the fight is not
going to be easy, but by supporting each other, we are certain that we'll
overcome every challenge that comes our way. And I hope that you will
continue to support us in the new year and the many new years to come,
because it's you that make DRF what it is today - a small organisation
striving to make a change larger than itself.

Here's to new challenges, new solutions, and a very happy new year!

In solidarity,
Nighat Dad and the team of Digital Rights Foundation
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