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 to the poble

Hack the Terra (Hack the Earth) 2018 Giving back hacking to the poble

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Hello! We are very happy to inform you that the next 30th and 31st of
March and the 1st of April we held our annual event about technology and
feminisms in Calafou, Hackeja la Terra. This year we want to dedicate
the event to local empowerment, disobedience and popular autonomy.
We want to explore the possibilities offered by free software and
hardware technologies to the rebellion of the earth, of the streets. We
want, in short, that the Hackeja la Terra be an occasion to meet us
again, to continue weaving networks, to create passageways, open roads
and break walls, while we build bridges between activist circles and
between activists and society in general.
We invite you to think critically and practically the current political
moment with workshops, talks and debates. We believe that all this can
not be done if it is not from the local and popular level. Therefore, in
this edition we bring the hack back to people, where it emerged from and
where we believe it is now more necessary than ever.

Throughout February we will confirm activities and publish the info on
our website

Hack the Terra (Hack the Earth) 2018
30 and 31 March and 1 April in Calafou, Vallbona d'Anoia

If you already have clear that this year you do not miss it, please
register in this form:

If you want to receive news about the event or info about our future
activities, subscribe to our diffusion list (we will not bombard you
with emails ;) here: https: //lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/infocalafou

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