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I also strongly agreed with Jeremy point of view and way forward. 


On Fri, 19/1/18, Jeremy Malcolm <jmalcolm at eff.org> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [bestbits] Fw: [Igfregionals] Fw: [IGFmaglist] World Economic Forum - Davos 2018 "Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”
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 Date: Friday, 19 January, 2018, 22:53
     On 19/1/18 5:11 am, parminder wrote:
       I really did not know that IGF
 had its own
           agency to represent itself at other forums. Whom
 does it
           really represent? Because when you represent, you
 also speak
           for. For whom does the it speak, and on what
 basis? .. That is
           a mission creep which has been done without
 consulting or even
     I actually agree with Parminder on this (yes, it does
 happen). Not
     that I think that the IGF shouldn't be able to be
 represented in an
     official way at other international institutions. On the
 contrary, I
     strongly believe that it should be able to do so, and
 the fact that
     it hasn't been able to effectively deliver messages
 to other
     institutions has been one of its chief failings. I also
 don't blame
     Lynn St Amour for wanting to do this.
     But this is not the way to do it! The liaison between
 IGF and WEF
     (and IETF, ICANN, OECD, WTO...) should be formally
     in some way, so that there is accountability and
 legitimacy. It
     shouldn't just be casually announced that
 "I/the IGF have been
     invited...", as if the distinction is
     I do disagree in one minor respect with Parminder and
 that's that,
     in my reading of what has happened, it's not that
 the MAG has
     engineered this, but rather that it's been done in a
 way that
     deliberately bypassed the MAG, because the MAG is so
     that it stands in the way of the evolution of the IGF,
 in this and
     other respects, and Lynn knows this.
     But that doesn't make it right. If anything, this
 means the MAG
     needs to be overhauled, not that it needs to be
 minimized and
     bypassed. I support Parminder's call for the CS
 members of the MAG
     to hold it accountable here and to call for the
 institution of a
     proper, transparent and accountable process for the
 appointment of
     formal institutional liaisons between the IGF and other
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