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On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 12:53 PM, Jeremy Malcolm <jmalcolm at eff.org> wrote:
> On 19/1/18 5:11 am, parminder wrote:
> I really did not know that IGF had its own agency to represent itself at
> other forums. Whom does it really represent? Because when you represent, you
> also speak for. For whom does the it speak, and on what basis? .. That is a
> mission creep which has been done without consulting or even declaring....
> I actually agree with Parminder on this (yes, it does happen). Not that I
> think that the IGF shouldn't be able to be represented in an official way at
> other international institutions. On the contrary, I strongly believe that
> it should be able to do so, and the fact that it hasn't been able to
> effectively deliver messages to other institutions has been one of its chief
> failings. I also don't blame Lynn St Amour for wanting to do this.
> But this is not the way to do it! The liaison between IGF and WEF (and IETF,
> ICANN, OECD, WTO...) should be formally institutionalised in some way, so
> that there is accountability and legitimacy. It shouldn't just be casually
> announced that "I/the IGF have been invited...", as if the distinction is
> immaterial.
> I do disagree in one minor respect with Parminder and that's that, in my
> reading of what has happened, it's not that the MAG has engineered this, but
> rather that it's been done in a way that deliberately bypassed the MAG,
> because the MAG is so dysfunctional that it stands in the way of the
> evolution of the IGF, in this and other respects, and Lynn knows this.
> But that doesn't make it right. If anything, this means the MAG needs to be
> overhauled, not that it needs to be minimized and bypassed. I support
> Parminder's call for the CS members of the MAG to hold it accountable here
> and to call for the institution of a proper, transparent and accountable
> process for the appointment of formal institutional liaisons between the IGF
> and other bodies.
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