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 Dear all,

Please find below the details of the process by which all Bestbits members
are invited to submit nominations to the Civil Society Coordination Group
(CSCG) as part of the 2019 elections for the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory
Group (MAG). Our procedures of appointments can be found at this link:

The CSCG exists solely to ensure a coordinated civil society response and
conduit when it comes to making civil society appointments to outside

A dedicated Nomination Committee (or NomCom) has been set up to facilitate
this process within the CSCG. The NomCom is comprised of one (1)
representative from our coalition members, namely the Association for
Progressive Communications (APC), Best Bits, Just Net Coalition (JNC),
ICANN’s NCSG and the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC). The NomCom is
coordinated by a non-voting chair (Poncelet Ileleji), supported by CSCG
Co-chair (Richard Hill). You will find all the necessary information below.

The NomCom have been tasked by the Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)
to run the process of selection and endorsement of civil society candidates
nominated for the 2019 IGF MAG selection round.

Based on this information (https://www.intgovforum.org/m
ultilingual/content/mag-renewal-2019-general-guidance), this year, there
are 4 seats available for civil society candidates, the CSCG has decided to
endorse a pool of up to 6 names where the IGF Secretariat will choose from.
The deadline for nominations to be sent to the NomCom is *September 03.*

Thank you for being part of this process and please let me know should you
have any questions.


* 2019 IGF MAG Selection Round – Nominations Selection criteria*

   - Candidates should have extensive linkages with civil society groups.
   - Candidates must be able to provide advice on the programme and main
   themes of the next meeting of the IGF.
   - Candidates must be able attend two to three MAG meetings in Geneva,
   Switzerland, in addition to the annual IGF meeting.
   - They should participate actively in the preparatory process throughout
   the year, through engagement in the online multilateral dialogue among MAG
   - Candidates should address these selection criteria in their statement.
   - Self-nominations are allowed.

Note, we strongly encourage candidates from the underrepresented regional
groups, which for the 2019 MAG refers to the LAC and Africa regions.
Although regional group will not be weighted above other criteria in
choosing a candidate, the NomCom will consider regional group in
appropriate balance with other criteria listed above.

*Timetable for the process*
Here are important dates to consider for this process:

   - *August 27:* NomCom 12 agree on the process which will be included in
   the call for nominations;
   - *COB August **28:* Nomination opens.
   - *September 03:* Deadline for nominations from CSCG constituencies to
   be sent to the CSCG NomCom
   - *4-6 September*: NomCom shortlist and decide on the 6 names to send to
   the IGF Secretariat
   - *September 7th:* Notification to selected candidates.
   - *September 10-12:* NomCom Chair will fill in the nomination form (as
   Nominator) as well as communicate with the IGF Secretariat through an
   official letter.

*How to seek CSCG endorsement?*
Candidates who are willing to go through the endorsement process by the
CSCG should do the following:

Produce a Statement of Interest (SOI) of no more than 2 pages where they
address the selection criteria as set above ;

Send their SOI (in .doc format) to nomcom12 at internetgov-cs.org
<nomcom11 at internetgov-cs.org>
copying their constituency’s mailing list and/or their NomCom
representative (for Bestbits this is *sheetal at gp-digital.org
<sheetal at gp-digital.org>*) with email subject: “My
[Family Name] 2019 IGF MAG SOI”;

In their SOI, they should include the following information required in the
IGF MAG application form:

   - Gender
   - Family Name
   - Given Name
   - Organization
   - Job Title
   - Email
   - Contact Telephone (including country code)
   - Regional Group
   - Nationality (ies) (multiple nationalities can be specified, must be UN
   - Country of Residence
   - City of Residence
   - Justification for the nomination, providing relevant background
   information (no more than 200 words)

*What is the IGF MAG?*
Here is some background information with regards to the IGF MAG:

The 2019 Renewal Call with information about number of available seats
for Civil Society as well as the names of MAG members who are stepping
down: https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/mag-renewal

The 2019 Nomination Form can be accessed here:

*Who is in the Nomcom 12?*
1. Poncelet Ileleji – Non-voting Chair – CS Coordination
2. Sheetal Kumar – BestBits
3. Deborah Brown – APC
4. Akinremi Peter Taiwo – IGC Rep
5. David Cake - NCSG
6. Parminder Jeet Singh – Just Net Coalition

*Sheetal Kumar*
Second Home, 68-80 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL
T: +44 (0)20 3 818 3258| M: +44 (0)7739569514  |
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