[bestbits] [netsociety] Infographic: Biometric ID systems & democracies

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Great work here
The developments of biometric ID in LAC are slower but no less scarier

Venezuela doesn't disguise its full blown use for surveillance, there's an
IGF workshop on that

Brazil elections upcoming, on post-coup atmosphere, biometrics for voters
has started on small and mid size cities in a "chaos control" mode. I do
not think there will be chaos in elections but should be interesting to see
if fraud is a possibility. There is already a lot of fraud in biometrics
for attendance of public servants, silicon fingers style.

Brasil political representation crisis is so deep considerable attendance
in elections may not be something to expect.

Border controls seem to be a place where biometrics is working 100% but
with no effects on reducing migration. The biggest LAC crisis on migration
does not come from ports anyway but terrestrial migration from Venezuela
and rural/indigenous > urban perpetual moves.

Social welfare programs use of biometrics and its ties to fraud or
surveillance are concerns so it is interesting to see how the landscape in
India will evolve.

Keep us posted
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