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Richard Wingfield richard at gp-digital.org
Fri Sep 29 07:53:09 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Thanks for sharing that blogpost, Mehwish, which is excellent and really
informative. It's a complex subject being discussed in an opaque forum, but
the post is really helpful in unpicking the issues so thank you!

It was great to have so many civil society organisations at the event in
Geneva and for our positions to be so consistent and clearly expressed. For
those who weren't able to attend, the CWG has published the "brief summary"
of the event and the discussions (attached).

As Mehwish said, the next consultation is on gender and, having just
checked the website, some more details have been announced. The
consultation questions can be found here
the deadline for submissions is 23 December. The physical open meeting will
take place in Geneva on 22 January 2018. GPD will certainly be engaging and
so perhaps as we get closer to the deadline, we can look again at who'll be
engaging (online and/or in person) and coordinate.



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On 28 September 2017 at 19:19, Mehwish Ansari <mehwish at article19.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Following up on last week's discussion at the CWG-Internet, A19
> published a blog post on OTTs and why we're concerned by the ITU's
> interest in them. You can find it here:
> https://www.article19.org/resources.php/resource/38886/
> en/otts-at-the-itu:-a-case-of-over-the-top-mandate-expansion
> Looking forward to working together in preparation for the next
> CWG-Internet open consultation in January, which will be held on gender
> and ICTs.
> Best,
> Mehwish
> --
> Mehwish Ansari
> Digital Programme
> www.article19.org
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