[bestbits] Opportunity for input: FOC Advisory Network TOR (by November 5)

Katharine Kendrick kk972 at georgetown.edu
Fri Oct 27 00:38:07 EDT 2017

Hello all,

The Freedom Online Coalition is creating a new mechanism for
multistakeholder engagement, the FOC Advisory Network. *The FOC has
launched an open consultation seeking input on the design of this network*.

The consultation period runs through *November 5*. You can find a draft
terms of reference and a simple form for feedback here
The draft TOR goes into detail on the network's proposed mandate, ongoing
exchange with FOC governments, responsibilities, and more.

I'm writing as a member of the chartering group that worked on the first
TOR draft. We're hoping to have a wide range of perspectives shaping this
network, and your input is incredibly helpful. Please let me know if you
have any questions.

Thank you,

 FOC Launches Consultation on FOC Advisory Network Terms of Reference

The Freedom Online Coalition is pleased to launch the consultation on the
Terms of Reference (ToR) for their new mechanism for multistakeholder
engagement, the FOC Advisory Network. The contributions of representatives
from civil society, private sector, academia, technical groups, and others
are critical in shaping this network to be as effective as possible.

All interested stakeholders are encouraged to participate by completing this
form <https://goo.gl/forms/twPuLCYspD4yQUNJ3> [http://bit.ly/2ySgXWW] by COB
5 November. Please feel free to share this link widely.

At the 6th Annual Freedom Online Conference in Costa Rica,  the Coalition
presented the Outcome Document of the FOC Strategic Review, the San José
Statement. The Statement and accompanying Work Plan set forth the
Coalition’s aims and priority activities and offered a blueprint for
revising the existing Nairobi Terms of Reference to update the FOC
structure and operations to support these objectives. In furtherance of
this aim, the FOC revised its Terms of Reference in May 2017.

The Coalition identified as a priority the need to create a strong
mechanism for ongoing multistakeholder engagement. The  FOC Advisory
Network (FOC-AN) is being established to play that role through regular
engagement with FOC governments.

The objectives of the FOC-AN are:

   - To serve as a mechanism for multistakeholder advice on the aims,
   objectives and activities of the FOC, and pertinent issues related to human
   rights online;
   - To support the FOC’s mission of advancing human rights online through
   stakeholder engagement;
   - To be instrumental in ensuring multistakeholder engagement in the
   planning and organization of and participate in FOC Conferences, as well as
   other FOC events and meetings.

To assist the Coalition in setting up the Advisory Network and developing
its draft terms of reference, the FOC Friends of the Chair established an
ad hoc Advisory Network Chartering Group (CG) comprised of Matthew Shears
(former co-chair of FOC working Group 1), Katharine Kendrick (former
co-chair of FOC Working Group 3), and the governments of Costa Rica,
Finland and Germany.

Over the next month, the CG will be running a public consultation on the
draft of the FOC-AN ToR. Informed by consultations with stakeholders at
RightsCon 2017 and Stockholm Internet Forum 2017, the CG has developed a
draft ToR for the FOC-AN.

You can find the draft Terms of Reference here: http://bit.ly/2ijkGWu

The Chartering Group invites all consultees to review the draft and
complete the corresponding survey in order to share their views on relevant
sections of the FOC-AN ToR.

The comments received will then be collated and consolidated by the CG, and
used to inform the final draft of the Advisory Network ToR. The Advisory
Network will be launched at the FOC Open Forum at the Internet Governance
Forum, where the final ToR will be presented, and open call for
applications will be announced.

If you would like to take part, please ensure you complete this survey by COB
5 November.
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