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Jac sm Kee jac at apcwomen.org
Mon Oct 2 05:52:00 EDT 2017

Much thanks for all the considered thoughts on this issue. Being a
committed advocate of this issue, I appreciate the reflection and
insights on why it is both difficult and important to integrate gender
into IG and policy conversations, including and esp on access.

I hope this thread of discussion helped to clarify why it doesn't make
sense to stack the multiple forms of disparity and discrimination that
the diversity of women face before we take action to address whatever
that is within our ability, capacity and responsibility to address. Also
happy to take this conversation further if more doubts or questions

In the meantime, we continue to appreciate your support in responding to
as well as disseminating the survey to your networks who do work in this

As a reminder, the survey link is:


Jac sm Kee
Manager, Women's Rights Programme
Association for Progressive Communications
www.apc.org | www.takebackthetech.net | erotics.apc.org
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