[bestbits] CSCG endorsements for the MAG 2018 elections - decision of selection of candidates

Sheetal Kumar sheetal at gp-digital.org
Wed Nov 8 05:47:53 EST 2017

Dear all,

Please find below the results of the CSCG deliberations and endorsements
for the civil society slots available for the MAG 2018 renewal and which
will be sent for consideration to the IGF Secretariat.

I have copied below the dotted line in full the notice from the Chair of
the NomCom that facilitated the process within the CSCG.

Should you have any questions please let me know.


On behalf of the NomCom11 that was tasked by the Civil Society
Coordination Group (CSCG) to receive, evaluate and select the final
list of civil society candidates to be endorsed by the CSCG, I would
like to thank you for seeking our endorsement.

We received 12 nominations and all of them were really great but our
agreed upon guidelines suggest that we only send up to 8 names for
consideration to the IGF Secretariat, provided that there are only 6
civil society slots available for MAG 2018 renewal.

Please do remember that we, the CSCG are not making the final decision
(which is to be taken by the UNDESA). Our role is to endorse
candidates we feel meet the criteria and are able to best represent
civil society interests on the MAG.

The NomCom 11 has decided to send 6 names (to be considered as our
main nominees), plus two other as alternates. We are sending these two
further names as alternates and to widen the pool for consideration,
with the aim of further increasing the possibility of CSCG endorsed
and suitable candidates being chosen. Please find the names bellow:

List of endorsed candidates:

1. Rafik Dammark (Male, AFR)
2. Valentina Pellizer (Female, EE)
3. Jeremy Malcolm (Male, WEOG)
4. Tope Ogundipe (Female, AFR)
5. Kemly Camacho (Female, LAC)
6.  Norbert Bollow (Male, WEOG)

Two additional names (as a reserve in case the UNDESA may want to look
outside the first list) :

1.      Avis Momeni (Male, AFR)
2.      Claudio Lucena (Male, LAC)

We would like to thank everyone for trusting the CSCG and for
submitting your names for consideration; this shows that civil society
can be strong if united.

The following will follow (please do read carefully):
-       A NomCom11 will go ahead and fill in the nomination form on your
behalf with the information you provided;
-       You will receive an automatic email from the IGF Secretariat
requesting you to confirm the nomination, please do follow the
instructions as stated in that email;
-       The CSCG will notify the IGF Secretariat of this process as well as
the outcome, sending your names as the ones endorsed by the CSCG. This
letter will be published on our website and should circulate in out
different lists.

Please do let me know if you have any question.

Arsene, NomCom 11 Chair

PS: The following individuals were part of the NomCom11
-       Parminder (JNC)
-       Bruna Santos (IGC)
-       Deborah Brown (APC)
-       David Cake (NCSG)
-       Sheetal Kumar (Best Bits)


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