[bestbits] Moving on from IFLA - thanks! (and new contact details!)

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All the best for your new appointment Stuart.

Ian Peter

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Subject: [bestbits] Moving on from IFLA - thanks! (and new contact details!)

Dear friends and colleagues


Please accept my apologies for a bulk email (and apologies to those on these lists who do not know me personally) – I wish I had time to write more personal emails, but my time here is running out…


After nine years working for IFLA in the Netherlands (and a further five working for them in Denmark a few years before that doing my PhD) I’m moving on to a new position as the Deputy Executive Director and head of international relations at the new national library in Qatar. I’ll start there next month and I’m ready for a change and a new challenge (and perhaps less Dutch rain). The new library is due to open in September and I’m looking forward to helping it get on its feet over the next few years. 


I’m going to be carrying on working with international information policy issues – which I’m very happy about - and I hope to run into many of you sooner rather than later. In particular I’ll stay working on Internet governance with IFLA, particularly public access, so please do think of me if you need to reach out for anything libraries and IG. 


So for now I’ll be moving to my personal email address: stuartjameshamilton at gmail.com Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


See you all soon,





PS: IFLA has a new Manager of Policy and Advocacy, Stephen Wyber, who is a great guy and a great contact for all your international library needs. He can be found at Stephen.wyber at ifla.org 

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