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Excellent news, Jeremy.

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On 28-02-17 20:23, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> The IGF Secretariat has just formally approved the formation of a new
> Dynamic Coalition on Trade and the Internet.  Its website is at
> https://opendigital.trade/projects/dc-trade and its mailing list is at
> https://opendigital.trade/mailman/listinfo/dc-trade.
> The formation of the Dynamic Coalition was motivated by the fact that
> many Internet governance issues that are discussed at the IGF are also
> the subject of rulemaking through bilateral, plurilateral and
> multilateral trade agreements. The purpose of this Dynamic Coalition is
> to provide an interface for the exchange of information and best
> practices between the negotiators of these trade agreements and the
> bodies in which they work, and the Internet Governance Forum and its
> multi-stakeholder community. This information exchange will be both
> substantive (that is, concerning particular Internet public policy
> issues) and also procedural (that is, about how Internet public policy
> can be developed in a transparent and inclusive way).
> Our provisional 2017 action plan is:
>  1. To publish a background paper describing the major trade agreements
>     that are in place or under negotiation, as well as the venues where
>     this takes place, and identifying the key Internet governance issues
>     that are the subject of such agreements and negotiations.
>  2. To develop a multi-stakeholder approach to facilitating the
>     transparency and inclusiveness in international trade negotiations
>     and the domestic consultation processes.
>  3. To build a network of representatives from trade institutions and
>     delegations for liaison with our Dynamic Coalition and the broader
>     IGF community.
>  4. To hold our inaugural meeting at the 2017 IGF in Geneva to present
>     our outputs to the IGF community.
> If you are interested to join, please do so by joining the mailing
> list.  If you also wish to participate in our web platform (highly
> recommended!) you should also separately register an account at
> https://opendigital.trade.
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