[bestbits] Robert Steele: Details on NSA Backdoor in INTEL Chips

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Robert Steele: Details on NSA Backdoor in INTEL Chips

DuckDuckGo search: NSA backdoor INTEL

Expert Says NSA Have Backdoors Built Into Intel And AMD Processors

Intel ME dumpintel and comments

Dear friends,

many of us speak and write about encryption, about surveillance, about 
external control. Intel and Samsung, maybe also AMD, IBM/Motorola and 
others, have it installed. The underlayer between OS and hardware. 
Totally controlled from outside and independent of BIOS and OS.

Intel implemented it in the i3, i5, i7. Personal PC environment. And 
servers and workstation? I am sure, it is the same.

The decryption of the encryption makes too much effort. With ME it is 
easy and allways working. This is the reality, not the future.

Our possible answer: Free technology.

many greetings, willi

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I have consulted with my senior NSA colleagues and they validate this 


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