[bestbits] RightsCon Session: State & Corporate Partnership

Sadaf Khan sadaf.baig03 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 07:02:13 EDT 2017

Dear All,

For those attending RightsCon, we are happu to invite you to a session
organised by Media Matters for Democracy, to discuss the union of
corporates and states and its impact on civil liberties and human rights.
The session, *A dangerous union: state and corporate partnership and what
it means for civil liberties* is due tomorrow, *30th March) from 9 to 10:15

The Panel is being moderated by Japleen Parsicha, founder of Feminism in
India and on our wonderful panel are;

*Professor Xiao Qaing*, adjunct professor of Digtal Activism at UC Berkley
and founder of China Digital Times. Prof. Qiang’s research focuses on state
censorship and control of internet, emerging political discourses and
public opinion on Chinese social media.

*Courtney Radsch, *a journalist, and the advocacy director at Committee to
Protect Journalists. She has previously worked with UNESCO on free
expression. She’s also the author of ‘cyber activism and citizen journalism
in Egypt’

*Amos Toh, l*egal advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur on FoE, David Kaye

*Ritu Srivastava,* a telecommunications engineer who is instrumental in the
implementation of Digital Empowerment Foundation, Indai'ss program on
access, especially in the rural communities.

*Serene Lim *from Empower Malaysia, who manages the IMPACTproject focusing
on freedom of expression and assembly online.

We hop that some of you would be able to attend.

With Regards,

*Sadaf Khan*
Director Programs,
Media Matters for Democracy, Pakistan
Twitter: @nuqsh
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