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1) *Level Playing Field white paper* (published through Communications

   - This paper addresses common arguments made by telco operators – “*same
   service same rules*”, that we are “*free riders*”, and that telco rules
   should be applied to our services to create a ”*level playing field.*”
   The paper explains that our services are complementary to telco services –
   we drive demand and in turn that drives telco network investment. It also
   explains how the underlying rationale for telecoms regulation – scarcity
   and market power - does not apply to online communications services, and
   that technical and market differences do make a difference. The paper also
   covers how telcos are advantaged by vertical integration.
   - The paper advocates as a path forward a focus on horizontal laws
   rather than sector specific laws, and advocates that regulation must be
   problem driven, focused and proportionate.

2) *The Socioeconomic Value of Rich Interaction Applications* (published
through WIK): http://www.wik.org/index.php?id=879&L=1

   - This paper analyzes the economic and societal impact of 139
   applications used for what is described as “rich interactive
   communications” - photo/video sharing, location, payment and chat between
   individuals, groups and enterprises.
   - The paper explains how such rich interactive applications create local
   value, and concludes that a 10% increase in the global usage of these
   applications has led to an increase of US$5.6 trillion in GDP across 164
   countries over 16 years (2000 to 2015).
   - The study also finds that consumers do not use RIAs and traditional
   telecom services as like-for-like substitutes; more often than not,
   consumers use them complementarily. The study concludes that the spread of
   high-speed broadband, the decreasing cost of devices, and the continuous
   evolution of RIAs are likely to drive new functionality and uses.


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