[bestbits] GIP DW newsletter, now in Spanish, French and other languages soon!

Ginger Paque gpaque at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 13:30:40 EST 2017

I'm hoping this will offer you an additional resource for your work:

Did you know that Diplo and the GIP Digital Watch offer multilingual
Internet governance/digital policy news resources? The latest issue
includes links to the IGF reporting will you may find helpful during the
meetings too....

Lea las últimas tendencias en LAWS, neutralidad en la red, el Foro FGI 2017
y otros temas de la pólitica digital - Ya está publicado el Boletín del GIP
DW para noviembre en español en https://dig.watch/sites/def

The November edition of the GIP Digital Watch Newsletter is now online in
English too :) https://dig.watch/newsletter

Please share the links, especially with your Spanish speaking colleagues
and groups.



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