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Dear Colleagues,

Is a pleasure to bring to the attention of Fellows  the Ghana Data for
Sustainable Development Roadmap Forum. The forum is Schedule to take place
in Ghana on 5th and 6th, April 2017 from 9:00am to 17:30pm (GMT 0:00 hours)
each day. The event will be live stream through the following link:
Ghana Data for sustainable Development Roadmap Forum

The global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which came into effect on
1st January 2016, will shape global sustainable development policy through
to 2030. In addition to adopting the 17 goals and 169 targets in March
2016, the UN Statistical Commission agreed on an indicator framework to
track the SDGs.

To fulfill the commitment to “Leave No One Behind” on which Agenda 2030 is
based, the SDGs require a nuanced approach to assessing progress at global,
regional, national and sub-national levels. This will require robust data
production and tracking systems to be built in every country so that
achievements at the national and local levels can be assessed and fed into
the wider global framework. These national mechanisms must be effective and
integrated, and should not only allow for accurate measurement but also be
used to inform decisions about resource allocation and policy
implementation in pursuit of the goals themselves.

Ghana was one of the initial 20 nations selected for national consultations
on the theme “The World We Want” for the post-2015 development agenda in
2012 and has played numerous other roles at the global level throughout the
process leading to the adoption of the SDGs. In Ghana, an SDG
Implementation Coordination Committee has been established to provide
technical support to the implementation and monitoring of the agenda at the
national level.

The alignment of Ghana’s Long Term National Development Plan (2018-2057)
and the upcoming medium term development plan with the SDGs, alongside
other global and regional strategies (e.g. Agenda 2063, COP21 etc.) places
increased demand on the National Statistical System (NSS).2 At the same
time, new technologies, approaches, methods of collecting data, and
engagement of different stakeholders offer some opportunities to rise to
the challenge. In recognition of the critical juncture that the country
finds itself now, the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), in collaboration
with the SDGs Implementation Coordination Committee and with support from
the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) and UNDP,
with guidance from the UN Data Group, is hosting a National Data Roadmap
Forum in April 2017 to begin to deliberate on how best to move forward
regarding the production of and access to relevant user friendly data, to
enable the achievement and monitoring of the 2030 Agenda. This Forum will
mark the beginning of a Data Roadmap Process which will continue over the
lifetime of the SDGs.

Kindly find attached the agenda for your information.

Kindly click on the following link : http://www.youtube.com/chann

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