[bestbits] New EFF project on Shadow Regulation with "dummies guide" infographic on multi-stakeholder model

Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org
Fri Sep 30 18:05:56 EDT 2016

Some of you may find this interesting.  Most people don't understand
what multi-stakeholder processes are meant to achieve, because the
phrase "multi-stakeholder" is misused so much and because there is so
much variation between purportedly multi-stakeholder processes.

At the Best Bits meeting last year, I presented a paper that I'd written
which attempted to define a normative ideal of multi-stakeholderism
based on a set of simple criteria.[0]  But even that paper wasn't simple
enough that ordinary people would read it, so I've distilled it still
further and filtered it through EFF and here is the result:


We'll now be using this to critique processes that don't come up to
snuff, and we hope that others may adopt and use the infographic too. 
Comments welcome.


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