[bestbits] Now business wants to lead policy making

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Thu May 12 03:35:19 EDT 2016

A recent announcement by Alibaba's founder Jack Ma exposes what the real
intent, and the problem, with business led multistakeholderism is,
something a lot of people/ groups have perhaps innocently got into
supporting.... He proposes a new business led initiative to frame global
e-commerce rules, which would rival the WTO, which can keep making them
for offline trade.  And he is entirely serious, with Alibaba already
working with a number of groups and intending to present the proposal to
G 20 later this year.. To me it is a political shocker, but that is
where much of multistakholderism ideology is headed.

I wrote an op-ed on this issue in yesterday's The Hindu, which is at

We must re-assess what does unhinging of the role of legitimate
political actors in key public policy areas means. It just transfers
power to a few global corporates to runs our societies as a
corporatocracy. Many of our discussions here on mulitistakeholderism as
a sovereign political form need to be seen in this context.


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