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Veridiana (Intervozes) just said that this report proposing a series of
cyber bills will be voted on April 7th in the Congress Commission, so we
actually need to act fast ...and create noise, so the proposals do NOT
become bills

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 12:31 PM, Carolina Rossini <
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> Guys,
> we should sit together asap and see what we should do as a group against
> these horrible bills
> Javier is trying to find a room, so we all host a meeting to discuss what
> we can do from RightsCon, since so many of us are here
> Javier, we look forward to your information on where and when we could
> meet. Andrew, hope to see you there too :-)
> Javi, pls keep all posted.
> C
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 10:48 AM, Javier Pallero <javier at accessnow.org>
> wrote:
>> ITS provided this translation.
>> *Politicians want to censor the Internet in Brazil with the excuse of
>> fighting "cyber crime"*
>> Pay attention to what just happened: the National Congress has just
>> released the final report of the CPI of Cybercrime. The report proposes the
>> creation of 8 bills to control the Internet. These projects are bombastic:
>> they attack fundamental rights directly, such as freedom of expression, the
>> right to privacy and maim the most important parts of the Civil Marco
>> Internet, precisely those that protect against Internet surveillance and
>> censorship.
>> Among the proposals that are set out in the final report of the CPI of
>> Cybercrime are:
>> a) *Turning social networks censorship bodies to protect the honor of
>> politicians. *If anyone speak ill of a politician in a social network,
>> the social network will be required to remove the content within 48 hours.
>> If not remove, the company will be co-responsible for that content and will
>> have to compensate the offended politician. In other words, social networks
>> will become permanent agent des surveillance and censorship of its users.
>> b) *Send to jail for two years people who simply violate the "terms of
>> use" of a site. *Entered into a website or application and disregarded
>> any provision that huge document that everyone clicks without even having
>> read: chain for you for two years.
>> c) *Divert 10% of the collected Fistel, which aim to improve the quality
>> of telecommunications in Brazil to finance the police. *Telecommunications
>> that are already expensive and poor in Brazil will be even worse. The
>> feature is collected to monitor the quality of Internet access, telephony
>> and other services will be diverted to fund the police. Of course, this
>> funding is important. But for that we have paid our taxes. You need not
>> divert essential resources for this.
>> d) *Assigning responsibility to the federal police for any crime
>> committed using a computer or mobile phone. *In other words, the boy or
>> girl who download a music from the Internet may receive the federal
>> Japanese visit. Someone to write something considered "defamatory" or
>> "libelous" against a politician in social networks may have to explain to
>> the Federal Police. In other words, several million Brazilians who do these
>> activities every day can be watched and even arrested by federal police on
>> suspicion of having committed "crimes by computer use," even if they are
>> low offensive potential crimes.
>> e) *require Internet providers to automatically reveal who is behind
>> each IP address on the network, *informing the police the name,
>> affiliation and home address of the person without the need for prior
>> judicial order. In other words, everyone will be presumed "guilty" in the
>> Brazilian Internet and can be constantly monitored. If spoke ill of a
>> politician on the Internet, the time you will know their identity and the
>> Federal Police can be triggered against you.
>> f) *Establish outright censorship on the Internet. *The bill amends the
>> Civil Marco, which prohibits censorship, creating a new article that will
>> "determine the blocking connection providers access to Internet
>> applications for users" to "curb services that are considered illegal." In
>> other words, any site can be brought down the Brazilian Internet. Remember
>> WhatsApp lock? This will be chump change close to what will happen. Any
>> application, website or service may be blocked and censored directly by
>> internet providers and Brazilians will be deprived of access it without any
>> defense, affecting the lives of millions of people.
>> The CPI report proposing these changes opens with the signature of the
>> Deputy Eduardo Cunha, current mayor. The CPI was chaired by Mrs Mariana
>> Carvalho (PSDB-RO) and the text prepared by Mr EspiridiĆ£o Amim (PP-SC) and
>> Members Sandro Alex (PSD-PR), Rafael Motta (PSB-RN), Daniel Coelho (PSDB-
>> PE) and Rodrigo Martins (PSB-PI).
>> What most amazed that CPI report of cybercrimes is how the internet is
>> seen just like a "damnable den" and not as a source of jobs, innovation,
>> development, and an essential tool for the future of Brazil.
>> In other words, they are criminalizing internet and placing the network
>> under the strict control of the state. This is the same path taken by
>> countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, North Korea and Russia.
>> It is unfortunate that Brazil, at that time the freedom of expression and
>> the Internet are essential tools, have your internet CPI threatened by the
>> initiative of cybercrimes. Of course, the internet crime needs to be
>> fought. But this should be done respecting fundamental rights. What we are
>> witnessing now is not an attempt to combat cybercrime, but rather an
>> attempt to control the intenret, that has so troubled corrupt politicians
>> in Brazil.
>> If you do not want the internet to be censored, share this information
>> and speak up against the CPI of Cybercrime and eight bills it proposes to
>> control the internet. Censorship never more.
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>> On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 10:32 AM, Mishi Choudhary <
>> mishi at softwarefreedom.org> wrote:
>>> Renata,
>>> Can you provide  a gist of what has been passed?
>>> On 03/31/2016 12:35 PM, Renata Aquino Ribeiro wrote:
>>> > Hi
>>> >
>>> > Yesterday, Brazilian Congress approved 8 internet censorship bills
>>> > projects.
>>> >
>>> > This has been brewing for a long time but it is still shocking.
>>> >
>>> > Freedom of expression advocates in the region can use your support more
>>> > than ever.
>>> >
>>> > Unfortunately I have only links in Portugues. More news to come.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> https://medium.com/@ITSriodejaneiro/pol%C3%ADticos-querem-censurar-a-internet-no-brasil-com-a-desculpa-de-combater-o-cibercrime-bb2de118efa3#.w6m5nl35c
>>> >
>>> >
>>> http://ibidem.org.br/cpiciber-organizacoes-da-sociedade-civil-apresentam-suas-preocupacoes-ao-relator/
>>> >
>>> > http://cpiciber.codingrights.org/sumario-executivo/
>>> >
>>> > All the best
>>> >
>>> > Renata
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
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