[bestbits] Blogpost: Alternative "Best Practices" for the A4AI (to be renamed Alliance for an Accessible Internet)

Michael Gurstein gurstein at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 14:04:56 EDT 2016

My original
d-and-make/> blogpost examining the  <http://a4ai.org/best-practices/>
"Policy and Regulatory Best Practices" of the Alliance for an Affordable
Internet (A4AI's) has generated some considerable discussion including on
the InternetPolicy elist sponsored by the  <http://www.internetsociety.org/>
Internet Society (ISOC).  In the course of that discussion a challenge was
put forward by Bill Smith, a tech industry veteran, Board Member of ISOC and
the "tech evangelist" for PayPal as follows (taken from a post to the
InternetPolicy elist (Fri 2016-03-25 9:31 AM)

What is lacking in the discussion against A4AI, is a well-articulated
alternative. Some bits and pieces may appear but they suffer from the same
deficiencies attributed to A4AI's principles, best practices, and policy
positions - they are offered as fact with no substantiation.

A4AI has what I consider a set of easily understandable principles, best
practices, and policy positions. I suspect that when applied in practice,
they will be effective in many circumstances. They may not be appropriate in
all. (Think globally act locally.)

What I haven't seen are a similar set of principles, best practices, and
policy positions from the non-neoliberal corner. Perhaps such a set could be
presented to this list for consideration and debate.

This below is my response to this challenge (I have added additional
comments by Brandt Dainow also a contributor to the InternetPolicy elist):







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