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Tue Mar 22 20:09:29 EDT 2016

Interesting development of a highly experienced ISP (TUCows) focusing on providing Internet service to publicly owned fibre networks in the US (and recommending this as the preferred way to proceed).




So why exactly are major civil society organizations insisting through their participation in the A4AI initiative <http://a4ai.org/members/>  on having LDC’s implement “a competitive market structure, with limited or no national government ownership of end user service providers”? Is there some reason that LDC’s should be denied the means to manage their Internet service provision while Developed Countries are recognizing the need for this.


(I’ve discussed this at length of course, in my blog <https://gurstein.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/a4ai-who-could-oppose-a-more-affordable-internet-the-alliance-for-an-affordable-internet-a4ai-and-the-neo-liberal-stealth-campaign-to-control-the-internet-throughout-the-developing-world-and-make/?fb_action_ids=10153941718957457&fb_action_types=news.publishes> .)







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