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*Ministers and Governors reaffirmed their commitment to advancing
infrastructure investment, encouraged Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)
to formulate quantitative ambition for high-quality projects and enhance
cooperation among existing and new MDBs, and decided to launch a global
infrastructure connectivity alliance initiative.* Ministers and Governors
welcomed the entry-into-effect of the 2010 International Monetary Fund
(IMF) Quota and Governance reforms, supported the timetable for completing
the IMF’s 15th General Review of Quotas by the 2017 Annual Meetings and the
World Bank Group (WBG) to implement its shareholding review according to
the agreed roadmap and timeframe, with the objective of achieving equitable
voting power over time. Ministers and Governors committed to better
monitoring capital flows, including more timely identification of risks to
address challenges arising from large and volatile capital flows, and
stressed the importance of an adequate and effective global financial
safety net (GFSN). Ministers and Governors supported further work to
examine the possible broader use of the Special Drawing Rights (SDR).They
remained committed to timely, full and consistent implementation of the
agreed financial reforms, and advancing the formulation of other standards
as planned. Ministers and Governors reiterated that they will continue to
closely monitor and address emerging risks and vulnerabilities in the
financial system, take stock of experiences and potential lessons with
macro-prudential frameworks and tools, and continue to strengthen the
regulation and oversight of financial market infrastructures. Ministers and
Governors remained committed to strengthening the financial inclusion
agenda, and endorsed the inclusive framework proposed by the OECD for the
global implementation of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.
China would make its own contribution by establishing an international tax
policy research center for international tax policy design and research as
well as technical assistance to developing economies. Ministers and
Governors were resolved to combat decisively terrorist financing and
enhance cooperation and exchange of information. They agreed to identify
institutional and market barriers to green finance, and based on country
experiences, develop options on how to enhance the ability of the financial
system to mobilize private capital for green investment. Ministers and
Governors called for timely implementation of the Paris Agreement on
Climate Change, and reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the 2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development.

According to Minister Lou Jiwei, this meeting is to make necessary
preparation in the economic and financial area for the G20 Hangzhou Summit,
under the theme of “Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and
Inclusive World Economy”. China will work with G20 members to secure more
outcomes in the Financial Track at an early stage in order to lay a solid
foundation for a successful Hangzhou Summit and contribute to strong,
sustainable and balanced growth.


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