[bestbits] Retreat from the IGF? by Avri Doria

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette at apc.org
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Thanks for posting this Nadira. Avri for writing it.

Agree completely with this. And it is certainly a common thread here at
the retreat.


On 16/07/2016 19:41, Nadira Alaraj wrote:
> https://www.apc.org/en/node/21821/
> "On the other hand, the retreat could result in the empowerment of the
> IGF and of the MAG to do the work of improving the IGF as envisaged by
> the multistakeholder group of the CSTD Working Group on IGF
> improvements. The hold that has been put on bottom-up innovation by this
> retreat could be removed, and though time has been lost, the IGF and MAG
> could get back to work on building efforts that span from meeting to
> meeting without interruption. One of the more disruptive elements of the
> current IGF, other than this retreat, is that most of the effort is
> reserved for annual preparation for the yearly meeting, with most
> everything going into hibernation each year after that meeting, only to
> be reawakened once the new appointments to the MAG were made by UNDESA
> many months later. An organization that starts and halts, sleeping a
> third of each year, can never develop to its full potential. For the IGF
> to succeed in reaching its potential it needs to be unfettered and to be
> allowed to develop as a bottom-up organization."
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