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Dear Bestbits members,
In response to Nadira's request:

The internet is infiltrating more and more into everyone’s life whether
they are “connected” or not. The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was
convened at the request of the second phase of the World Summit on the
Information Society held in Tunis in 2005. The extracts below come
from the Tunis
Agenda <http://www.itu.int/net/wsis/docs2/tunis/off/6rev1.html>, one of the
documents produced by the meeting. The ones I have chosen are those that
are relevant to my motivation for submitting a nomination, particularly the
last one that refers to the interests of the “everyday users”.

29. … The international management of the Internet should be multilateral,
transparent and democratic, with the full involvement of governments, the
private sector, civil society and international organizations. It should
ensure an equitable distribution of resources, facilitate access for all
and ensure a stable and secure functioning of the Internet, taking into
account multilingualism.

We reaffirm our commitment to turning the digital divide into digital
opportunity, and we commit to ensuring harmonious and equitable development
for all

72 We ask the UN Secretary-General, in an open and inclusive process, to
convene, by the second quarter of 2006, a meeting of the new forum for
multi-stakeholder policy dialogue—called the *Internet Governance Forum* (IGF).
The mandate of the Forum is to:

 f. Strengthen and enhance the engagement of stakeholders in existing
and/or future Internet governance mechanisms, particularly those from
developing countries.

k. Help to find solutions to the issues arising from the use and misuse of
the Internet, of particular concern to everyday users.

The Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) was set up by the Secretary
General of the United Nations to advise “on the programme and schedule of
the Internet Governance Forum meetings”

I submitted a nomination for the MAG selection this year because I believe
that I can contribute to a currently under-represented perspective in the
planning of the work of the IGF. Currently more than half of the world’s
population is excluded from participation in the “global phenomenon” of the
internet, although, more and more, their lives are being affected by its
presence. I cannot “speak for” them, but I can add a voice to those who
advocate on their behalf. In particular I am concerned with disability,
physical disability but also disability when it comes to mother tongue, to
education, to money, to the supply of electricity and/or access to an
internet connection, the disabilities that create the “other” in both the
developing and the developed the world. These disabilities exist in the
small island which is my home, across the region of the Caribbean, and in
the wider area of Latin America and the Caribbean to which I belong.

So one of my priorities would be working towards improving participation to
counteract these disabilities. Another would be to provide a reminder of
the needs of “everyday users”. And another would be a recognition of the
importance of the low profile unglamourous jobs which need to be done to
make things work smoothly, and a willingness to engage with these. I think
that Fatima did a tremendous amount of work in the background while she was
a member of the MAG. I would hope to be able to fill a part of the gap that
she will leave behind her.

Best wishes


On 19 January 2016 at 19:25, Nadira Alaraj <nadira.araj at gmail.com> wrote:

> Apologies for putting the wrong month,
> It is too late here,
> This email is the corrected one
> ----
> Dear BestBits members,
> The Civil Society Coordination Group just announced the following dates
> for the endorsements for MAG 2016 CS representatives.
> *February 1st * when the CSCG submits their list of endorsements to the
> CS MAG slot.
> *January 25th* when I will submit BestBits  nominee list and compiled
> comments to the CSCG
> Hence from now until *Januray *25th,  I encourage the comments or dialog
> between you and BestBits  nominees.  I also encourage nominees to let us
> know what they would do in their role as MAG CS representative.
> Here they are  (*listed according to the date they submitted their
> nomination starting from the older day*)
>    - *Jeremy Malcolm*
>    - *Renata Aquino Ribeiro*
>    - *Deirdre Williams*
> Please notify me if I missed any other names on BestBits list.
> I copied the nominees emails below -*in the same above order-* so you can
> check their statement or bio.
> Looking forward to find BestBits representative in MAG 2016.
> Best wishes,
> Nadira
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> From: *Jeremy Malcolm* <jmalcolm at eff.org>
> Date: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 9:42 PM
> .....
> .....
> I've never been on the MAG (the UN's "black box" doesn't like me, so I'd
> given up applying), but based on my experiences with the attempted
> introduction of more deliberative processes to the 2015 IGF such as the
> pilot use of Idea Rating Sheets and the Deliberative Poll side event—which
> were strongly resisted by (some) private sector MAG members—I perceive that
> it would be very useful this year to have someone with direct experience of
> these pilots to be "on the inside" to advocate for such innovations in IGF
> processes.  Therefore I would like to be nominated this year.
> --
> Jeremy Malcolm
> Senior Global Policy Analyst
> Electronic Frontier Foundation
> https://eff.org
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> From: *Renata Aquino Ribeiro* <raquino at gmail.com>
> Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 2:41 AM
> Hi
> I'd like to nominate myself as LAC participant.
> I'm an ICANN53 fellow, LACRALO participant and a graduate from the
> Brazilian Internet School of Governance of CGI.br in the 1st class
> (2014). Recently I've also joined NCUC, Giganet, AIR, IAMCR and
> Internet Society Brazil (official membership).
> I've also been recently to the UN in the WSIS+10 event and the CTEC
> event last 17th.
> I am geographically nearer the Caribbean than subtropical Latin
> American (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro), however I've done my doctorate
> in Catholic University of São Paulo and my research group has
> representatives both in SP and Rio. Also, me and other interested
> parties in Internet Governance in Brazil articulate ourselves via an
> online group of 600+ members, a national mobile messaging group of
> +/-50 and a Northeastern Brazil chapter with +/-20 members.
> I was subscribed in all IGF lists the last edition - including as
> observer, I've participated in some and also a few online meetings.
> I've also been to IGF as a former student of CGI.br representative of
> the Northeastern Brazil region.
> I'm also an university teacher in a new IT Campus, I have some
> flexibility to travel. I'm mainly trying to engage students in
> research in Internet Governance and seeking paths to continue studying
> the topics myself.
> As for civil society engagement, I've been a project coordinator and
> volunteer in ONGs, a writer/reviewer for activism blogs and tech
> journalism media and I've acted towards policy development for
> education and technology in public schools and universities.
> Thank you
> Renata Aquino Ribeiro
> https://pesquisaeducacao.wordpress.com/in-english-bio-and-etc/
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> From: *Deirdre Williams* <williams.deirdre at gmail.com>
> Date: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 5:28 PM
> Dear Bestbits members,
> I would like to seek your support for nomination as a civil society
> representative for the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the
> Internet Governance Forum (IGF).
> I have been involved with Internet Governance (IG) since 2008 and have
> been working to strengthen the links that bring Latin America and the
> Caribbean (LAC) together since the early 1990s. I have attended every IGF
> meeting since Hyderabad in 2008 (Nairobi 2011 virtually), and also all of
> the regional - Latin America and Caribbean Preparatory Meeting for the IGF
> (LACIGF), and sub-regional – Caribbean IGF, since 2009. My attendance at
> these meetings was due to a broad range of funders to all of whom I am very
> grateful.
>    - Within the IGF environment I have worked, and am working,
>    particularly with the Dynamic Coalition for Access and Disability (DCAD),
>    with the MAG Remote Participation Working Group, and the now dormant Coalition
>    Dynamique pour la Diversité Linguistique
>    <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/dynamic-coalitions/73-linguistic-diversity>
>    I have contributed to the work of the Dynamic Coalition on Internet
>    Rights and Principles
>    <https://www.intgovforum.org/cms/dynamiccoalitions/72-ibr> and Dynamic
>    Coalition on Public Access in Libraries
>    <https://www.intgovforum.org/cms/component/content/article/114-preparatory-process/1003-dynamic-coalition-on-public-libraries>
>    - I follow discussions on Bestbits and the Justnet Coalition Forum, as
>    well as on the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) list, and in other areas
>    where IG is discussed. I try to be aware of those issues that unite civil
>    society, as well as of those issues about which there are strongly
>    divergent opinions
>    - For the last two years I have been one of the Co-coordinators of the
>    IGC.
>    - In 2014 I had the honour to be selected as the speaker from civil
>    society at the opening ceremony of the IGF in Istanbul.
>    - I was invited, in several different capacities, to be part of the
>    pilot Stanford Deliberative Poll organised for this year’s IGF
>    - I have good relationships across the group that identifies itself as
>    civil society and also with those belonging to other constituencies. This
>    is useful because the MAG should finally aim for consensus across all of
>    its constituent groups.
>    - My own priorities are in involving ordinary end users in the IG
>    process despite barriers of disability, language and culture, gender,
>    education, geographic location, etc. This brings with it a strong interest
>    in the facilitation and improvement of remote participation.
> Thank you
> Deirdre
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