[bestbits] [governance] Pattaya Key Messages on the WSIS+10 Review: Voices from the Asia-Pacific Region

Izumi AIZU iza at anr.org
Thu Sep 10 02:25:28 EDT 2015

Thanks Imran,

yes, making real-time discussion and document at the same time was a very
challenging, but also rewarding experiment - everyone was able to
participate in the discussion, could see the other groups work in progress
during the break-out Working Group sessions in real time, etc, etc.

Instead of chatting or tweeting, all are documented in a single file, or
linked file, so that we became much more structured and logical, could stay
more focused.

Making a poll in the middle of sessions was also quite effective, putting
photos were fun and added more color.

Worth to continue this kind of experience.


2015-09-10 14:57 GMT+09:00 Imran Ahmed Shah <ias_pk at yahoo.com>:

> Thanks Izumi for sharing the discussion document of Interactive and
> Interesting Sessions.
> Regards
> Imran
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> Voices from the Asia-Pacific Region
> Hi, (Sorry for multi-posting),
> Some 38 people had a 3-day meeting in Pattaya on the WSIS+10 review and
> produced the following "Key Messages".
> Having seen no post [yet], I am tempted to share the link here as one of
> the participants of the meeting.
> http://www.wsis10.asia/
> It was an interesting exercise, and most of the process of the discussions
> are documented here.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dPU7Vv4W6hcRtOopMxXn6H_2e3LUiN4ckLdVv3FPQoQ/edit
> By using Google Doc, we were making and sharing realtime notes during the
> meeting, was very productive to make it an inclusive meeting in my view.
> Many thanks to the organizers!
> izumi
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