[bestbits] Fwd: #InternetCountdown JUMBOTRON update; new launch (Feb 18), momentum and materials

Steve Anderson steve at openmedia.ca
Mon Feb 16 03:16:35 EST 2015

Hi all, I just wanted to share this call for participation in an
international action to ensure the US FCC pushes forward with Net
Neutrality rules. This ruling will have global implication as I'm sure many
of you know.

Learn more and Sign on using this webform here

More from the email below


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From: Josh Tabish <josh at openmedia.ca>
Date: Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 3:04 PM
Subject: #InternetCountdown JUMBOTRON update; new launch (Feb 18), momentum
and materials

More and more groups are reaching out to help support the
#InternetCountdown jumbotron action
Hooray! In addition to all the great groups I listed yesterday, we’re
talking with groups like Twitter, Tumblr, Namecheap, Cheezburger,
Hootsuite, ServInt, the i2Coaliton, and many others to make this thing

If you haven’t joined on, please do! Sign on using this webform here

To accommodate all the interest in the project and help ensure it’s as big
as possible, we are changing the launch date to Wednesday, February 18.
This will give us one full week to push the tool before the jumbotron sets
up at the FCC on Wednesday, February 25, as part of #InternetCountdown.

And, as promised, we’ve taken a first crack at building a package of
outreach materials
to help you email your community, embed the tool on your own site, and
reach out to your social media communities. You can find it here
We’ll be adding more in the days leading up to launch and will keep you
posted as they emerge.

Please note that the action platform is not live yet, but will be found at
https://stoptheslowdown.net/ <https://stoptheslowdown.net./> once it does.
Our global petition currently lives there, and we will let you know when
the new tool is live.

Thank you to everybody who has gotten in touch with us to find out how they
can help. We're really appreciative of all the constructive feedback we
received, and for all the thought that has been brought to the discussion.

We'll be in touch with updates over the next few days leading up to the
launch. And reach out to me if you have any questions.

*Josh Tabish*
Campaigns Manager, OpenMedia
http://openmedia.ca <http://www.openmedia.ca/>
josh at openmedia.ca <steve at openmedia.ca>

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