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> The goal of the proposed workshop is to explore and discuss recent
> developments related to the field of transnational history of
> telecommunications, with specific focus on the role of the International
> Telecommunication Union (ITU). Consequently, this workshop is at the
> intersection of three main topics of research: the history of
> telecommunications, transnational studies in communication and the history of
> the ITU as the most relevant international organization for telecommunication
> history.
> This workshop has three main objectives: the first is to compare different
> approaches, methodologies and research avenues employed in telecommunications
> history scholarship; the second is to discuss the role of the ITU as a subject
> of research and as a place to conduct research; finally, the last goal
> involves creating a platform of scholars for the development of further
> collaborations and scientific publications.
 Themes of the Workshop
​The Worshop will be organized around following themes:
* The Origins of ITU
* Cables and Flows
* First  World War and its aftermath
* Global communication
* Digitization of communication and networks
* Future research opportunities in the area of history of communication
 Dates & Venue 
​ The Workshop on "Transnational histories of telecommunications" will take
place at the International Teleccommunication Union (ITU) on 17-19 December

Information how to get to ITU

Meeting room: Room G3, Varembé building (entrance by Montbrillant or Tower
 Expected outcomes of the Workshop
The workshop will provide valuable opportunities for speakers and
participants to present and discuss their recent scientific results and to
propose future lines of research to a group of highly qualified scholars who
are conducting research on the transnational history of telecommunications.

One expected outcome of the workshop is a special issue to be published in a
leading academic journal (Technology and Culture; Media History;
Telecommunication Policy; History of Technology; etc.).

Alternatively, the presented articles will be compiled in a book by a
prestigious publisher like Routledge, Palgrave, Bloomsbury. Cambridge
Scholar Publishing, etc. Papers will undergo the usual peer review process.

Another expected outcome of the workshop is the establishment of new
collaborations for joint papers and projects. The organizer would like to
engage all of the participants in order to establish a European project
within the Horizon 2020 framework. National and regional funding
opportunities will also be evaluated.

A fourth and final outcome may involve the establishment of a permanent
network of scholars who focus on the history of telecommunications, but who
more broadly act as policy advisors when decisions must be made by political
organizations at the international level. This outcome may demonstrate the
need for historians and social scientists to be involved in decision-making
processes at the international scale.

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