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I encourage people to read and get involved in commenting on the various
documents being posted by all of these groups.  The 'working group'
activity with the IGF is growing and there are lots of opportunities to
contribute on all sorts of topics both in these fora  and in the dynamic
coalitions.  Planning groups for most of the sessions are also open for

Dynamic Coalition contributions can be found in

I will be attending the MAG meeting in Paris*.  Let me know if you need
anything or if the remote participation isn't working for you, I can at
least pass messages on.


* Self funded through using miles and staying at a friends' apartment as
well as a measure of deficit financing.

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Dear Colleagues,

As part of next week's OC and MAG meeting
in Paris (2-4 Sept.), coordinators and experts of the various IGF Best
Practices Forums
<http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/best-practice-forums>will be giving
updates on where their groups stand.

Over the past weeks, stakeholders have been working within virtual
groups on a number of issues. Within a few weeks, all draft outputs will
be ready and up for public comments on the IGF website. We expect to
have some of the drafts up for the MAG meeting next week. Following an
iterative process, the drafts will then evolve on the basis of comments
received, and finally be discussed at IGF Brazil, in November.  IGF Best
Practices Forums are open to all interested stakeholders.
To learn more about these initiatives and join the discussion, click on
the links below:

 1. */Best Practices to Strengthen Multistakeholder Mechanisms/*

 2. */Enabling Environments for Establishing Successful IXPs/*

 3. */Best Practices to counter Abuse Against Women Online/*

 4. */Establishing and Supporting CSIRTs/*

 5. */Best Practices to Regulate and Mitigate Spam/*

 6. */Creating an Enabling Environment for IPv6 Adoption/*


*Participate remotely next week*

Below is the link to the agenda for next week's Open Consultation and
MAG meeting at UNESCO in Paris. In due time the links will be live for
accessing the meeting via remote participation, as well as the webcast
archives and transcripts, etc. - so as to allow you all to follow the
MAG and broader community discussions set to take place:

Best regards,

Constance Bommelaer

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