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Dear Ian,

I sent the following comments by completing the Google form. Posting here
to ask if these views are shared:

*Q4 Sections of the text that you support being included in the final
outcome document*

​The document could fundamentally affirm a Global Commitment to preserve
the Internet as a Free and Open eco-system and commit to preserve its Core
Values. The document could emphatically articulate that the architectural
principles of the Internet are not to be altered, its underlying core
values are not to be altered.​

*Q5 Areas of the text which could be strengthened*

(22)  Not only is it important to facilitate the "acquisition of digital
evidence" but also emphasize the trans-border nature of cybercrime and
provide for faster extradition where there is strong evidence of
trans-border or global cybercrime ​

*Q6 Areas of the text t​​hat raise concerns*

​The overall emphasis on Cyber Security is a cause for concern. There is a
disproportional emphasis on Cyber Security measures over Civil Liberties.​

*Q7 Areas of the text where there are inconsistencies or that lack clarity*

( 27) What is emphasized here? State sovereignty or the international

Sivasubramanian M <https://www.facebook.com/sivasubramanian.muthusamy>

On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 2:32 AM, Ian Peter <ian.peter at ianpeter.com> wrote:

>   Dear friends,
> *[Apologies for cross-posting]*
> *Below is a statement requesting your input into formulating the civil
> society response to the Chair’s statement for GCCS 2015. Apologies for very
> short comments period, but the draft was only released for our wider input
> in last 24 hours, and we need to submit a consolidated CS response after
> getting your input. There will be another (again short) opportunity to
> comment on the consolidated response as per message below.*
> *Governments and business interests will also be responding to the text
> separately in the same time frame, so we can expect changes. There are some
> (surprisingly) good sections of the text  currently (IMHO) that we need to
> argue to retain, plus plenty where we can suggest improvements. But please
> input within the time frame either by the form or the email address below.*
> We would like to bring to your attention the call for civil society input
> on the outcome document for the Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015
> <https://www.gccs2015.com/gccs/all-about-gccs2015> (GCCS 2015), hosted by
> the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and taking place in The
> Hague on 16 and 17 April 2015.
> Following on from the London (2011), Budapest (2012), and Seoul (2013)
> Conferences - a series also known as the London Process, the 2015 event in
> The Hague will provide an opportunity for further high-level discussion of
> key cyberspace issues, structured around the three main themes of Freedom
> <https://www.gccs2015.com/themes/freedom>, Security
> <https://www.gccs2015.com/themes/security-0> and Growth
> <https://www.gccs2015.com/themes/growth>. The Conference will be a
> stock-taking event, assessing the current global situation and mapping out
> the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. By engaging governments,
> business, academia and civil society participants at the Conference, the
> organisers hope to find practical solutions to real and urgent challenges,
> and to progress the agenda of a free, open and secure internet.
> Based on the assumption that all those who have a stake in cyberspace
> should be able to express their views and participate in a meaningful way,
> this year, the organisers are putting particular emphasis on facilitating
> multistakeholder engagement in the Conference. As part of an effort to
> achieve this, the Conference organisers are interested in getting Civil
> Society input on the draft outcome document of the Conference (The Chair’s
> Statement).
> To submit your comments on the draft Chair’s Statement (HERE:
> http://tinyurl.com/lqp8knr), please complete this Google Form
> <http://goo.gl/forms/dYdv3rVkIJ> (link:http://goo.gl/forms/E72m3QTR1K) by *COB
> Tuesday 7th April*.
> The consolidation of this input into a unified document to be presented to
> the Conference organisers will be coordinated by the GCCS2015 Advisory
> Board <https://www.gccs2015.com/participants/civil-society-participation>,
> which has been set up by the Conference organisers to help ensure the
> Conference is as inclusive and representative as possible.
> In case you are unable to provide input at this stage, a call for a second
> round of comments on the unified document will be circulated in the week of
> the Conference.
> If you would rather contact us directly with your comments, please write
> to aditi at gp-digital.org, answering the following 4 questions on the text:
>    1.
>    Sections of the text that you support being included in the final
>    outcome document
>    2.
>    Areas of the text which could be strengthened
>    3.
>    Areas of the text that raise concerns
>    4.
>    Areas of the text where there are inconsistencies or that lack clarity
> *Feel free to share this call with your civil society networks.*
> Ian Peter
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