[bestbits] New Zealand Copyright Review Discussion Paper

Susan Chalmers susan at chalmers.associates
Tue Apr 28 19:22:18 EDT 2015

Dear all,

Internet New Zealand engaged my group to produce a paper on
Internet/Copyright reform issues. The purpose of the paper is to spark
discussion in advance of New Zealand's impending legislative review.

The paper is available here: http://copyright.chalmers.associates

The Copyright Review was scheduled to take place in 2013, but has delayed
pending the resolution (whichever way it occurs) of the Trans Pacific
Partnership negotiations. We in New Zealand see this as a chance for the
User constituency to discuss and organize themselves before the official
review process begins.

InternetNZ is soliciting feedback on the paper. Feedback can be sent to
Andrew Cushen (andrew at internetnz.net.nz).

This "entry-level" paper is about 20 pages long and considers fun and
exciting topics like:

   - Geoblocking
   - APIs
   - Text and Data Mining
   - Temporary copies
   - Fair Use and Fair Dealing

I am sure that InternetNZ would appreciate your views, and I hope that the
paper is useful to others who are involved in copyright reform efforts.


Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

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