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That is a great idea. Maybe worth checking some tools/methodology for sprint-writing? When I supported the Wireless Networking for the Development World book first editions, It was very useful to organize the chapters and have sprints to write them and have a whole book ready for a specific date. The book has been updated, revamped, translated all using the same tool, inviting new authors, adding case studies, etc. On the first edition they used Lulu to print on demand, not sure which service they are using now.

Looking forward to read it, whatever shape/form it takes :)


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+1 and me too on the updating.

On 1 Dec 2014, at 11:41, Avri Doria <avri at acm.org<mailto:avri at acm.org>> wrote:


Might be one of those things that is more suited to a wiki or some other online work that can be updated as necessary.

And if one does create one of those with the proper format, it can be gathered into an ebook  or an printed object whenever wanted.

I like the idea of a an online development that combines new writings with existing writings that is under constant update, and would be willing to contribute to that sort of ongoing dynamic effort if we aable to get one organized.

On 01-Dec-14 10:54, Carlos Afonso wrote:
The only concern I have on yet another good proposal from Wolf is that a book is static while the IG processes are in a complex, difficult dynamic. I wonder if the book could be a "photograph" of something which would be more or less regularly updated in a corresponding collaborative portal?

fraternal regards


On 12/1/14 10:25, Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro wrote:

    I propose that we start to work on what I call a “Civil Society
    Internet Governance Handbook”.

Sala: Let's do this!

    This handbook would allow all CS groups within the CSCG to present
    their own individual points of views so that everybody knows what
    the positions are. The book could be structured into four main chapters:

    1.      Human Rights (Access, Freedom of Expression, Privacy etc.)
    2.      Security (Cyberwar, Cyberterrorism, Cybercrime etc.)
    3.      Economic Development (Market domination, competition,
    infrastructure development etc.)
    4.      Technical Coordination (Names, Numbers, Protocols etc.)

    Each of the six groups under the CSCG (IGC, BB, JNC, NCSG, Diplo,
    APC) could nominate four authors (one for each chapter). Each author
    would be free to argue for her/his position (five to maximum teen
    pages). There is no need for consensus. Every author would be free
    to present her/his radical, moderate, liberal and whatsoever
    position on one of the four main issues.

    Such a compendium would help to bring more transparency into the
    process and would enable a more fact based discussion in the IG
    events ahead of us.

    We could deliver this as an e-book (probably with an Annex with main
    official texts as Tunis Agenda, Sao Paulo Principles, UN Resolutions
    etc.) until the May 2015 Sessions in Geneva. In total this book
    would be around 250 pages. If we find a sponsor we could publish
    this for the New York event in December 2015. Such a book would seen
    by the rest of the IG Community as a helpful contribution, it would
    strengthen the role of CS in the emerging IG multistakeholder
    mechanisms and would be also an input into the WSIS 10+ process.

    The chair of the CSCG (together with the co-chairs from the six
    groups) would be the editor.

    Any comment?


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